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Las Vegas @ New Milford

Flamingos migrate to New Milford.


Game 1:  Straily @ Kershaw

Up 3-1 in the 6th, Blazers put a 4 spot on the board and put the game away in a 7-1 win as Saunders and Tulo (who leads the team in HR) drive in 2 apiece and Tulo and Dietrich HR.

WP Kershaw (14-2)

LP Straily (8-13)


Game 2:  Hammel @ Warren

A Tulo RBI single in the second is matched by a Eaton solo blast in the 6th.

Bottom 7, Betts with an RBI double and Freeman with a 2 RBI double and it’s 4-1.

Pinkies score 2 in the 8th to pull within 4-3 on a Gennett HR and Jankowski RBI 3B.

Bottom 8, Bruce Maxwell, getting a cup of coffee with expanded rosters, orders a large with a PH 2 RBI single making it 6-3.

Kimbrel on for the 9th and after walking the first 2 batters he faced giving 3 possible chances for the tying run to step to the plated induces a 6-4-3 DP and K to end it in an 6-3 Blazer win

WP Dull (8-5)

LP Cahill (2-4)

S Kimbrel (44)


Game 3:  Kohler @ Moore

Both starters are on point, as a Kinsler first inning RBI double is matched by a Cuthbert 4th inning RBI single.

Bottom 6, a Carp double plates Tulo and Kimbrel gets Kendrick to ground out to end it in the 2-1 Blazer win .

WP Moore (19-3)

LP Kohler (6-14)

S Kimbrel (45)


Game 4:  Liriano @ Quintana

A Lindor single in the first plates an unearned run for a 1-0 Pink Bird lead.

Bottom 3, a Freeman RBI groundout ties it and Kinsler unties it with a 2 RBI double.

Bottom 6, Bourn with an RBI single and Quintana with a 2 RBI double and it’s 6-1.

A Saunders 2 RBI double and Betts sac fly round out the scoring in the 9-1 win and Blazer sweep.

WP Quintana (21-6)

LP Liriano (9-10)


Blazers are 10-2 for the chapter.



New Milford @ Western Kansas

Blazers travel west to lasso up some Buffalo.


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Griffin

A Melvin Upton second inning single is matched by a Saunders 3rd inning RBI triple.

Freeman walked for the third time in the game in the 6th, this time with the bases loaded to put the Blazers up a run, 2-1.

Top 9, Blazers score 8, all coming with 2 outs and highlighted by a Kinsler Grand Salami.

Blazers roll 10-1.

WP Kershaw (13-2)

LP Nuno (2-2)


Game 2:  Tanaka @ Cessa

A Grandy 5th inning solo shot and RBI groundout in the 6th by Tulo put NM up 2-0.

Meanwhile, Kansas City had ZERO hits through 7, which is great, as I have Tanaka for 6 IP for the rest of the season.

Top 8, Cozart breaks up the no-no.  Fortunately, Boshers, Dull, and Kimbrel break up an semblance of hope for Western Kansas in the Blazers 2-0 win.

WP Tanaka (17-8)

LP Cessa (2-4)

S Kimbrel (43)


Game 3:  Moore @ Wilson

A Carp first inning solo shot is bested by an Encarnacion first inning 2 run bomb.

Top 6, a Kinsler RBi groundout and Grandy RBI single make it 3-2 Blazers.

Top 8, Kinsler and Grandy do it again, this time with an RBI single and 2 run bomb to make it 6-2 Blazers.

That’s the ballgame, folks.

WP Moore (18-3)

LP Wilson (5-4)


Game 4:  Quinana @ Holland

An off night for Quintana constitutes a 5 IP 2 ER performance.

Top 7, Peralta with a PH HR pulls the Blazers within 1 run and Carp ties it with a solo shot.

Bottom 8, Dull gets victimized by the long ball again, this time Melvin Upton with a 2 run shot.

Buffs win, as Dull has the only 2 Blazer losses on the Chapter.

WP Adelman (3-4)

LP Dull (7-5)

S Ramos (16)

Don’t now what the record for non-intentional walks is for a series, but Freeman walked 8 times this series.

Blazers are 105 and 35 on the season, tied for the 4th most wins in a season.  Magic # is 6.    The Blazers have officially clinched a playoff spot, as BCJ can not get to 105 wins.




South Loop @ New Milford

Furies travel to New Milford, via Coney Island.


Game 1:  Gibson @ Warren


Just when I finished singing the dude’s praises, the clock strikes midnight and he turns into a pumpkin again (4 IP 6 ER) with a Gillespie 2 run double, Pierzynski RBI sinlge, Motter 2 run double and Santana solo shot accounting for the runs.

Gibson wasn’t much better, falling apart for 5 in the 4th on a Grandy 2 run single, Dietrich 2 run triple and Betts RBI single to pull NM within a run.

Bottom 5, Saunders ties it up with a solo shot.

Top 7, Dull on and Joseph blasts a no doubter to left and a 8-6 Furies lead.

A Kinsler bomb in the bottom half pulls the good guys within a run, but Furies prevail 9-7 in the opener.

WP Anderson (10-7)

LP Dull (7-4)

S Colome (32)\


Game 2:  Jenkins @ Tanaka

Bottom 2, Carp goes yard for a 3-0 Blazer lead.

Betts and Kim go yard as well in the 8-0 Blazer laugher.

WP Tanaka (16-8)

LP Jenkins (1-1)


Note:  The win was the Blazers 100th of the year, extending their record of such to 6 straight years.



Game 3: Nelson @ Moore

A Grandy first inning double after Betts was HBP and left the game put NM up 3-0.

Furies pull within 3-2 on a second inning Moore WP and Pierzynski RBI single.

Top 4, a Holliday HR ties it at 3 for the Furies.

Bottom 5, Blazers score 6 highlighted by a Kinsler 2 RBI single and Saunders 2 RBI triple.

Blazers roll 9-3.

WP Moore (17-3)

LP Nelson (5-11)


Game 4:  Maeda @ Quintana

Quintana was brilliant again (6 IP, 4 baserunners, 1 ER)

Tulo goes yard twice for 4 RBI and Freeman has a solo shot and 3 RBI as Blazers roll 8-1 and the 3 games to 1 series win .

WP Quintana (20-6)

LP Maeda (5-14)

Magic # down to 9 games.


Chapter 5 recap

Blazers finish Ch 5 at 99-33, 17 games up on Salem in the McGowan.  The Blazers have a 24 game lead for a playoff birth with 28 games to play in Ch 6.  Magic # is 12.


Pitcher of the Chapter is Jose Quintana.  5-0.  1.29 ERA.  As a team, the Blazers pitched to a 2.48 ERA in Chapter 5, facing all 3 playoff contenders.


Hitter of the Chapter was Freeman who lead the team in HR (6), runs (23) and RBI (23)

The team hit for a 265/364/453 clip.

The Blazers have 16 home games and only Bear Country and Salem have winning records in Ch 6 in the quest to add to records for 100 win seasons and consecutive division titles, as well as BDBL team ERA  (2.62) and break the Blazer record for wins in a season (113) as well as shooting for the #1 seed in the OL.

Granite State @ New Milford

Lightning and Blazers finish Chapter 5 in New Milford.


Game 1:  Perdomo @ Kershaw

Bottom 1, a Freeman RBI triple and Dietrich 2 run bomb put NM up 3-0.

Kershaw hit the showers early, McGowan finished the last 4 innings in a NM 9-3 win.

WP Kershaw (12-2)

LP Perdomo (3-13)

S McGowan (2)


Game 2:  Eichoff @ Warren


Adam Warren had been atrocious up to this point.  Not today.

A 7 spot in the 5th put NM up 9-0.

After getting a standing ovation after his AB in the 8th, NM decided to press it’s luck with the PR Warren going out for the 9th.  Single and RBI double ended his day and the shutout.  Blazers win 9-1.

WP Warren (2-2)

LP Eickhoff (5-9)


Game 3:  Nolasco @ Quintana

At the beginning of the season, if you said a NM lefty would win the CY, people would have laughed and said, “Kershaw is the obvious shoe in.  Tell me something I don’t know.”  Well, you don’t know about Jose Quintana.

6 IP, 5 baserunners , 1 ER.

Meanwhile, 3 in the second and 3 in the third, highlighted by a McCann 3 run bomb put NM up 6-1.

8-2, folks.

WP Quintana (19-6)

LP Nolasco (7-10)


Game 4:  Volquez @ Moore

after being outscored 26-6 in the first 3 games, Granite State is obviously due to score some runs in game 4.

Matt Moore said, “nope.”

Freeman drives in 3 with a HR, and Kim (HR 2 RBI) and Grandy (3B, 2 RBI) lead the way to the 8-1 Blazer win and series sweep.

WP Moore (16-3)

LP Volquez (3-19)


NM finishes Ch 5 at 99-33, 2 games behind Los Altos for the #1 seed and 17 games up on Salem.


New Milford @ Los Altos

Blazers visit Undertakers for a battle for first place in the OL.


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Sale

A Kinsler sac fly in the 4th starts the scoring and a 1-0 Blazer lead.

Bottom half, Flores HR’s off of Kershaw.  (So fucking stupid with the HR rate) to tie it.

Bottom 6, Turner PH’s for Sale and singles.  Rodriguez follows with a IF single.  Freese walks with a WP and Turner scores from second.  A Flores sac fly put LAU up 3-1.

Top 7, a Grandy RBI double and Carp RBI single tie it up.

Top 9, Tulo with a 2 run bomb and Freeman with an RBI single set the stage for Kimbrel’s save in the 6-3 Blazer win

WP Dull (7-3)

LP Buchter (4-3)

S Kimbrel (41)


Game 2:  Tanaka @ Archer

Bottom 1, first 3 batters reach against Tanaka and Turner makes him pay with a grand slam.

Top 3, Kinsler and Saunders with back to back RBI walks and Tulo with a 2 RBI single ties the game at 4.

Top 4, a Castro solo shot makes it 5-4 Blazers.

Bottom 6, an Aranado groundout ties the game.

Bottom 9, Boshers on and Rizzo greats him with a single and Arenado walks it off with a bomb to left as Takers win 7-5.

WP Reed (6-1)

LP Boshers (2-1)



Game 3:  Quintana @ Sanchez

An Arenado 2 run bomb in the second is match by a Freeman 2 run bomb in the third.


Bottom 10, Cervenka walks Peterson, Schugel comes on to get Cruz, but Seager walks it off with a bomb to right and the Takers 4-2 win.

WP Jansen (1-1)

LP Cervenka (2-1)


Game 4:  Devenski @ Roark

In a wild 5th inning with no score, Carp, Betts, Freeman and Kinsler go back to back to back to back for a 7-0 Blazer lead but Takers roar back for 5 highlighted by a Peterson HR and Rizzo triple.

The rest of the game was boring as Kimbrel nails down #42 in the Blazers 7-5 win

WP Schugel (3-1)

LP Roark (18-7)

S Kimbrel (42)

Blazers are up to 95 wins with an away tilt vs GSL to end the chapter.  Magic #, as far as I know, is 20,