Kansas City @ New Milford

Blazers host a home series against the Boulevards.


Game 1:  Corbin @ Kershaw


Kershaw goes 6.1 with 4 H, 5 K, and 0 ER as Carpenter hits 2 HR and Tulo,  Saunders and Kinsler hit one each as Blazers roll 9-0.

WP Kershaw (8-1)

LP Corbin (0-4)



Game 2:  Nola @ Warren

Warren, making his second start of the season is just as dreadful as he was in his first start, 3 IP, 5 H, 4 BB, 4 ER.  Grandy and Castro HR for the good guys, but can’t overcome Duvall’s 2 HR, 5 RBI performance as KC wins 10-5.

WP Nola (9-2)

LP Warren (0-1)


Game 3:  Ventura @ Quintana

Quintana allows one hit through 6 IP with nary a run but is matched by Ventura who danced in and out of trouble allowing 8 baserunners in 6 IP.

Bullpens do the job through 9 and we have FREE BASEBALL.

Bottom 10, with one out, Freeman is hit by a Rivero pitch and Kinsler walks.  Saunders hits a ball to right that Duvall nonchalantly misplays off his glove and Freeman scampers home with the winning walk off error.  Blazers win 1-0. 

WP Dull (5-2)

LP Ziegler (1-2)  


Game 4:  Chacin @ Moore

Moore was wild and gave up 3 runs.  Blazers rally for 3 late.  Grandy makes a spectacular diving bellyflop 360 catch to save the winning run in the top of the 9th and Kinsler hit a walk off HR to win it.  As I went to type something to Scot to the effect of “Holy Shit”, I hadn’t saved the game yet and I lost it.  So here is what officially happened.

Moore was brilliant with 7 IP, 0 ER

Chacin was equal with 6 IP, 0 ER.

Bottom 7, with 2 outs, Tulo walked and Garcia on to PH for the pitcher crushed his first HR of the year.

With a 2-0 lead in the 9th, Duvall hit a HR to pull the Bouley’s within one, but Kimbrel K’s Perez to end it in an Blazer 2-1 win

WP Moore (11-2)

LP Eflin (3-4)

S Kimbrel (32)


Blazers move to 10-2 on the chapter and 8 games up in the McGowan Division.  Blazers have a 21 game lead for a playoff spot.   I’d say it looks pretty good.


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