Kansas and New Milford

Law Dogs and Blazers square off in interleague.


Game 1:  Happ @ Kershaw

Happ goes 8 innings with 13 K’s but gives up 5 runs on HR’s to Betts, Kinsler and McCann.

Meanwhile, Kershaw goes 7 with 13 K’s and one hit.  Blazers win 5-0.

WP Kershaw (5-1)

LP Happ (5-3)



Game 2:  Chatwood @ Tanaka


A Zobrist RBI single in the third is matched by a Betts bomb in the 6th.



Bottom 11, with Wood on the hill, Saunders starts off with a double.  A fly ball gets him to third and a Garcia sac fly walks off the Blazer win 2-1.

WP Trienen (3-0)

LP Wood (1-2)


Game 3:  Quintana @ Whisler

An AGone RBI double in the second is matched by a Tulo bomb in the third.

Bottom 9, with Treinen on, Markakis doubled to lead off the inning.  Cabrerra was IBB’d and Cervenka was brought on to get AGone.  AGone grounds into a DP putting PR Gordon on third.  Devenski is now on to get Orlando, but Orlando singles to center for the walk off 2-1 Dogs win.

WP Davis (3-1)

LP Treinen (3-1)


Game 4:  Warren @ Lewis.


After a Betts first inning HR, Tulo HR’s in the second, Freeman rips a 2 RBI double and Saunders with the RBI single for a 5-0 advantage.

Bottom 3, Dogs fight back with a Ramos 2 RBI single and Markakis RBI single to pull to 5-3.

Bottom 5, Ramos with a 2 run jack ties the game.

Top 6, Carp and Freeman with RBI singles and Bourn with a 2 RBI single after a WP scores a run for a 10-5 Blazer lead.

Bottom 6. Myers with a 2 run bomb and it’s 10-7.

Kimbrel on in the 9th and after a lead off single, a DP and K ends it for the New Milford 10-7 win .

WP Moore (7-2)

LP Lewis (3-6)

S Kimbrel (25)


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