New Milford @ Myrtle Beach

Blazers travel down south to face the Hitmen.


Game 1:  Greene @ Santiago

A Centeno RBI single in the first give the Hitmen a 1-0 lead,

McCann and Weeks HR to highlight a 5 run third inning.

AN Aoki double in the bottom half makes it 5-2.

A 5th inning Weeks 2 RBI double and Tulo sac fly make it 8-2.

A 7th inning bases loaded walk by Freeman and HBP by Dietrich and it’s 10-2.

Blazers win an ugly one (for the first time in a LOOOOONG time) 12-2.

WP Greene (4-1)

LP Santiago (2-3)


Game 2:  Tanaka @ Jiminez

A Kinsler first inning RBI single is matched by a Chisenhall solo shot.

A third inning Betts RBI triple, Kinsler RBI single and Saunders RBI double is almost matched by a Span 2 run jack.

Top 4, Dietrich hits his first HR of the year, a two run job, to make it 6-3.

Top 9, Grandy gives an insurance run on a HR and Blazers win 7-3.

WP Tanaka (8-4)

LP Jiminez (0-4)


Game 3:  Quintana @ Tropeano

Quintana goes 6, with 6 baserunners and no ER.

Blazers score 14 with Saunders 2B, 3B and 4 RBI.  Every Blazer starter minus Tulo had at least one RBI.  Blazers win 14-0.

WP Quintana (7-4)

LP Tropeano (0-1)


Game 4:  Moore @ Morgan


Hitmen take out their frustrations on Moore scoring 5 in the first.  After an error to lead off, Gregorious hit a 2 run bomb, Burns hit a 2 run single, and Cervelli was HBP with the bases loaded after batting around.  Gregorious lined out to center with the bases loaded to end the inning.

Top 3, McCann HR to left to put the Blazers on the board 5-1.  Betts then HR’d to make it 5-2.

Top 9, Carpenter with a RBI single and Freeman with a 2 RBI triple and we have a tie ball game.


Free Baseball.

Top 11, Betts and Kinsler with RBI singles and it’s 7-5 Blazers.

Kimbrel closes the door for his 22nd on the miraculous come from behind win and series sweep.

WP Devenski (7-1)

LP Rodney (1-3)

S Kimbrel (22)


After starting the chapter 8-8, Blazers win 12 straight to finish with a 20-8 mark.




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