New Milford @ Granite State

Blazers travel up north to face the Lightning.


Game 1:  Greene @ Eickhoff


Top 2, Grandy homers to center for a 1-0 Blazer lead.

Bottom 9, Kimbrel on for the save and a two out walk, double, and wild pitch ties the game.



Top 11, a Freeman RBI triple and Kinsler RBI single put the Blazers up 2 and Cervenka makes it stand.

WP Boshers (2-0)

LP Perdomo (3-4)

S Cervenka (2)


Game 2:  Tanaka @ Nolasco

a Freeman 2 run bomb in the first puts the Blazers up 2-0.

Lightning strikes for one in the 6th on a Bruce solo shot.

Bottom 9, Kimbrel strikes out Crisp to end it.

WP Tanaka (7-4)

LP Nolasco (1-5)

S Kimbrel (20)


Game 3:  Quintana @ Volquez

Blazers score 5 runs in the first 3 innings, 4 unearned.

Top 4, Freeman doubles in Kim and it’s 6-0.

Boring write up, but that’s what happened.

WP Quintana (6-4)

LP Volquez (1-8)


Game 4:  Moore @ Gray

Top 5, Kim HR’s to right for a 3-0 lead.

Bottom half, Lightning get 2 back on a Frazier HR.

Top 7, Saunders HR’s with a man on and it’s 5-2.

Bottom half, Frazier with a RBI groundout to make it 5-3.

Top 8, Tulo with a solo shot and it’s 6-3.

Kimbrel on in the 9th and lets a run score but escapes with a 6-4 Blazer win and series sweep.

WP Moore (5-2)

LP Gray (2-5)

S Kimbrel (21)


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