New Milford and Kansas City

Blazers play a home and home series with the upstart Boulevards.


Game 1:  Chacin @ Greene

Bottom 1, Kinsler with a 3 run jack put the Blazers up 3-0.

Top 6, lefty Cervenka on to face the lefties Blackmon and Cano, who walk and HR, to pull KCB within a run.

Bottom 8, Saunders rips a RBI single to make to 4-2.

Top 9, Kimbrel on and walks Hosmer and Perez to start the inning.  With the tying runs aboard, K, pop up, K and Blazers win the opener 4-2.

WP Greene (3-1)

LP Chacin (3-4)

S Kimbrel (16)


Game 2:  Carrasco @ Tanaka

Top 8, Perez reaches first on a Carpenter error with one out.  He steals second and scampers home on a Blackmon single.

Tanaka goes 7.2 with 3 H, 0 BB and the unearned run but suffers the tough luck loss in a KCB 1-0 win.

WP Carrasco (3-1)

LP Tanaka (5-4)

S Madson (7)


Game 3:  Quintana @ Velazquez

Top 6, Betts crushed one to center for a 1-0 lead and with 2 outs, Grandy killed one to right for a 4-0 Blazer lead.

Bottom 7, a Cano HR but the Blazer lead in half, 4-2.

Top 9, a Carpenter RBI double made it 5-2, and Kimbrel closed it out by striking out the side.

WP Quintana (5-4)

LP Velasquez (3-5)

S Kimbrel (17)


Game 4:  Moore @ Nola


Moore had been pitching way over his head.  I guess you’d rather the stat correction happen in one game, like with Greene in chapter 1,  then be drawn out over multiple bad outings.


Bottom 1:

Prado BB

Cano 1B

Ozuna BB

Hosmer Grand Slam

Morales single

Owings line out (yay)

Duvall 2 run HR.

Yeaaaaaah.  Game over.

Moore gives up 17 baserunners and 10 ER in 5 IP.  Boulevards get the split in a 10-4 over and out drubbing.

WP Nola (4-0)

LP Moore (4-2)


Blazers are running in place with a 8-8 record in chapter 2.  Thankfully, the Hitmen, Buffs, and Lightning are the only teams left to play.

I think the Blazers have been outscored in every series this chapter.


Blazers aren’t hitting worth a lick.  More than a quarter of the way through the season (11 series) and the team OPS is a dismal .725.   IF that doesn’t change Salem will win it’s first division since the Bush administration.


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