Ravenswood and New Milford

Blazers start a home and home series at the Infidels.


Game 1:  Verlander @ Kershaw


Top 1, Freeman goes yard to give the Blazers a 1-0 lead.

Ravenswood goes up 2-1 in the bottom half on a Valencia 2 run bomb.

Then Valencia goes yard again in the third to make it 3-1.

Top 6, Grandy HR’s to pull NM within one run 3-2.

Kang hits a PH single to score a run and push the Infidel lead back to 2, 4-2.

Bottom 7, Seamen scores Valencia to make it 5-2.

New weapon Thornburg out for the 9th and converts his first save in the Ravenswood win.

WP Verlander (4-3)

LP Kershaw (2-1)

S Thornburg (2)



Game 2:  Tanaka @ Lackey


Lackey dominates with 2 H and 0 ER in 6 IP while Tanaka coughs up 5 courtesy of a Valencia 3 run HR and RBI single (really)

Ravenswood cruises to the easy 5-1 win

WP Lackey (4-0)

LP  Tanaka (5-2)



Game 3:  Oddorizzi @ Quintana


A third inning Valencia single put Rav up 3-0.

Bottom 5, Betts with an 2 RBI double and Grandy with the 3 run bomb make it a 6-3 game.

Up 8-5 in the 9th, Kimbrel walks 2 but gets Fowler to end it in a 8-5 Blazer win.

WP Quintana (4-3)

LP Oddorizzi (2-4)

S Kimbrel (14)



Game 4:  Pomeranz @ Moore

Both starters really good.  Moore (6.2 IP, 1 ER, 7H, 7K, 0BB) is bested by Pomeranz ( 7.1 IP, 0 ER, 4 H, 5 K, 3 BB) Ravenswood scored the only run on a dropped ball by Bourne in CF for a 1-0 lead.

Bottom 8, Skiz smelling blood in the water brings in Thornburg. Blazers don’t score.

Top 9,  Thornburg still on and walks Kinsler to start it of. Bleier comes on and Saunders singles.  Bedrosian comes in and Garcia PH’s for Bourne and singles in Kinsler to tie it.  Tulo singles to load the bases.  With the bases juiced, Grandy taps on to first that Davis goes home with, and the return throw doubles up Grandy.  Gearrin now it to face Castro, who walks to load the bases.   Gearrin then walks Carpenter as the Blazers steal one in literal walk off fashion, 2-1.

WP Boshers (1-1)

LP Bleier (1-1)

Blazers get through the teeth of the chapter early and survive with a 5-3 start. Blazers are now 7-0 against lefties, but fell to 11-3 on the road.

Blazer bats are still relatively silent and we were lucky to split with a great Ravenswood team.



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