Granite State @ New Milford


Lightning travel to New Milford to take on the Blazers.


Game 1:  Perdomo @ Greene

For 4 starts, Shane Greene was the Cinderella of the BDBL, as he lead all pitchers in almost every statistical category.  Well, tonight the clock struck midnight.

Top 1, Moss goes yard for a 2 run lead and Harrison roped a 2 RBI single for a quick 4-0 lead.

Top 2, Moss doubles in Hundley to make it 5-0.

Bottom 2, a Saunders RBI double and Garcia sac fly pull NM to 5-2.

Bottom 3, a Betts HR made it 5-3.

Top 4, Perdomo and Hundley walk and Bruce singles.  For some strange reason, even though Greene was clearly tired, I decided to have him pitch to Frazier even though I had a pitcher (a lefty) warmed up.  Bad move.  Grand Slam.  9-3 Lightning.

Bottom 5, a Dietrich sac fly and Betts RBI double pull the Blazers to within 4 runs.

Bottom 8, Grandy scores on a WP.  9-6 Lightning.

Top 9, Moss goes deep again to make it 10-6.  That, my friends, is how this story ends.

WP Perdomo (2-0)

LP Greene (2-1)


Game 2:  Eickhoff @ Tanaka

Bottom 1, Betts dancing off of third distracted Eickhoff and he balked to score the first run of the game.

Top 3, after an Eickhoff lead off double, Frazier reaches on a 2 out IF single to tie the game.

Top 7, Gomes HR’s for a Lightning 2-1 lead.

Bottom 7, a Saunders RBI single ties the game.  Grandy unties it with ah 2 RBI double and Garcia gets the RBI on a groundout to give NM the 5-2 lead.

Top 9, Kimbrel on and K’s Crisp.  Rosario PH’s and Tulo throws a ball away.  Hardy K’s for out #2 and then Kinsler boots a ball to bring the tying run to the plate.  Park PH’s and walks on a borderline call.  Kimbrel shows some obvious frustration at the call and then serves up a GRAND SLAM to Bruce.  Frazier walks and Moss doubles to put Granite State up 2 runs, 7-5. (all unearned)

Bottom 9, Gomez in for the save and Kinsler tries to atone for the E by lacing a one out single.  Grandy triples him home.  Carpenter (who started 0 games this series because of usage) was IBB’d to set up the DP.  Tulo then tries to make up for his E and rips a single to center.  Tie game.


Free Baseball.

Bottom 11, Blazers load the bases but Bourne pops up to end the threat.

Bottom 12, with 2 outs and Freeman on first, Saunders plays the role of hero with a bomb deep to right to give the Blazers the (not should have been) walk off 9-7 win.

WP Bowman (2-1)

LP Cosart (0-1)

BS Kimbrel (1) (in epic fashion)


Game 3:  Nolasco @ Quintana

After Greene lasting all of 3 innings in game 1 and extras in game 2, I needed some depth from Quintana, especially because I was trying to avoid using the way overused Devenski.


Top 4, a Hardy RBI double and Moss (fuck this guy, 232/289/375 vs L) RBI groundout and a Crisp RBI double put GSL up 3-0.

Bottom 4, a Kinsler sac fly make it 3-1 .

Top 6, a Moss double make it 4-1.

Top 8, a Crisp double scores Moss and it’s 5-1.

Bottom 8, Freeman rips a 3 run HR with no outs to pull NM within a run.  a Kinsler single and Saunders walk put the tying run 180 ft away, with no outs.  Grandy K’s and Tulo K’s.  Carpenter walks to load the bases and Castro grounded out the end the threat.

Bottom 9, Matt Cain, THE Matt Cain, allows a 2 out single to Freeman, who then makes it  to second on a WP, but Kinsler pops out to SS allowing Granite State to escape 5-4.

WP Nolasco (1-2)

LP Quintana (3-2)

S Cain (1)

The comeback falling short made New Milford lose it’s first one run game of the year.


Game 4:  Volquez @ Moore


Top 2, a Hundley double scores Moss and Volquez and Harrison drives in Hundley for a 3-0 GSL lead.

Bottom 2, Blazer bats finally had enough of this shit, with a Tulo RBI single, Castro 2 RBI single and Dietrich 2 RBI triple for a 5-3 lead.

A 7th inning Grandy RBI double and 8th inning Betts RBI double hold off Moss who had 2 more hits in the Blazer 8-3 win to get the split.

WP Moore (3-1)

LP Volquez (0-4)

Blazers finish the chapter at 22-6, 2 games up on Salem in the McGowan.

Moss went 8-18 with 3 2B, 2 HR and 7 RBI.





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