Los Altos @ New Milford

Blazers host Undertakers trying to avenge OLCS gorilla.


Game 1:  Sanchez @ Kershaw


It was long rumored that Kershaw wanted to come off of the DL and start this game.  His last bullpen was good so the all-world lefty got the nod.

It didn’t go as planned as Los Altos got to him in the first as Sean Rodriguez lead the game off with an E6 to reach second base.  David Freese then singled him home and Wilmer Flores launched a bomb to left for a quick 3-0 Undertaker lead.  Manager Anthony Peburn came out for a visit to the mound.  After both men screamed at each other, Kershaw snatched the ball out of Peburn’s hand and was heard saying, “I’ve got this!”  Kershaw then settled down to get out of the inning.


Top 2, reigning OL MVP Choo lead off for the visiting Undertakers to a standing ovation and promptly singled off of Kershaw.  Both players smiled and tipped their caps toward each other.  Kershaw again got out of the inning.

Botttom 2, Castro singled in Grandy to put NM on the board 3-1.

Bottom 3, the Grandy man tied the game with a one out 2 run single.  Kershaw, Castro, and Betts follow with RBI singles and a Blazer 6-3 lead.

Bottom 5, a Carpenter RBI double, Betts RBI single and Freeman RBI single push the Blazer lead to 9-3.

Blazers batter Sanchez and win easily 11-4.

WP Kershaw (1-0)

LP Sanchez (2-1)


Game 2:  Sale @ Tanaka

Bottom 4, a Saunders 2 out 2 run blast put NM up 2-0.

Top 6, a Parker solo shot cut the Blazer lead in half.

Top 9, with one out, Vogt and Pederson walk to put the tying and wining runs on base, but Kimbrel induces the DP ball from Pence to preserve another Blazer 1 run win, 2-1.

WP Tanaka (4-1)

LP Sale (3-3)

S Kimbrel (11)


Game 3:  Roark @ Quintana

Top 2, Roark bunts with Rizzo on third and with Carpenter playing in, somehow his only play was to first and the Undertakers take a 1-0 lead.

Top 3, Wilmer Flores goes yard again making it 2-0 Los Altos.

Bottom 5, Carpenter HR’s to right to cut the Undertake lead in half.

Los Altos goes up 3-1 in the 7th in an Arenado RBI single after an E by pitcher Treinen.

Tulo is lost for the series in the 5th.

Bottom 9, Jansen on and Weeks grounds a single to start it off. Dietrich, McCann and Carpenter can’t do squat and Los Altos takes the game 3-1.

WP Roark (4-1)

LP Quintana (3-1)

S Jansen (8)


Game 4:  Archer @ Moore

Bottom 3, Freeman leads off the inning with a no doubter to right giving the Blazers a 1-0 lead.

Top 7, Devenski on for the first time in the series and after a Choo lead off walk, induces the DP and K to escape.

Top 8, Devenski gets Los Altos 1-2-3.

Top 9, Kimbrel on and Pederson PH and K’s, Parker PH and K’s and Seager PH and drives one deep to center that Grandy gets back on preserving the Blazer 1-0 win.

WP Moore (2-1)

LP Archer (4-1)

S Kimbrel (12)


Blazers are 20-4 on the season and are 9-0 in 1 run games.  Blazers hit 280/349/394 for the series.  Los Altos hit 211/284/375.

Blazers finish chapter 1 with a home series with Granite State


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