New Milford and Las Vegas

The Blazers continue to try and swim without their all-world ace with a home and home series with the Flamingos.


Game 1:  Straily @ Greene


Bottom 1, a Garcia RBI single and Kinsler sac fly give the Blazers a quick 2-0 lead.

Bottom 3, a Saunders sac fly, Grandy bases loaded walk, and Greene RBI double push the lead to 6-0.

Top 5, Jankowski and Cargo drive in some runs to pull the Pink Birds within 3 runs 6-3.

Bottom 5, Kinsler provides some breathing room with a 2 run bomb and a 8-3 Blazer lead.

Bottom 8, just trying to end the inning and Freeman jacks a grand slam and Kinsler and Grandy also go yard and Blazers win a laugher 14-3.

WP Treinen (1-0)

LP Straily (1-3)


Game 2:  Hammel @ Tanaka

Pinkies strike first with a CarGo solo shot to lead off the second.

Blazers storm back with 3 of their own in the bottom half on a Grandy 3 run bomb.

Bottom 3, Carpenter playes long ball and Grandy coaxes another bases loaded walk to put New Milly up 5-1.

Then Tanaka decides to take an early shower and potentially screw the pen for the rest of the series.

Bottom 4, Saunders with a 2 run single, Kinsler with an RBI single and Grandy with a 2 RBI single to make it 10 -1.

Bottom 5, Carpenter HR’s again for an 11-2 lead.

Bottom 8, Kinsler with a sac fly to make it 12-3.  Freeman then goes yard as Blazers win another easy one 13-3.

WP McGowan (1-0) strange scoring decision and he pitched the 8th and 9th innings in a blowout and 3 pitchers got holds before him.

LP Hammel (1-2)


Game 3:  Quintana @ Kohler

Series moves to Vegas.

Both teams trade runs in the second with a Tulo RBI double and Castillo HR.

Blazers go up 2-1 in the 5th on Freeman’s 3rd HR in 3 games.

Top 7, Saunders goes yard for a 4-1 Blazer lead.

With a spent pen, Devenski pitches the 8th and Kimbrel locks down the 9th preserving Quintana’s 7 inning 1 run gem.

WP Quintana (1-0)

LP Koehler (0-3)

S Kimbrel (5)


Game 4:  Moore @ Liriano

A Betts RBI double and Kinsler sac fly in the first is matched by a Liriano 2 RBI double in the second.

Bottom 5, CarGo HR’s to give the Pink Birds the lead 3-2.

Top 6, Tulo goes yard for a tie ball game.


With tired pens and only a few pitchers available on each side, Carpenter and Betts start the 11th off with singles.  JB then decides to put in an unwarmed up Flynn and he gets 2 K’s and a fly out.  Unfortunately that was not before 2 walks, the later to Kinsler to force in the winning run.

Bottom 11, Kimbrel gets a K, but then gives up a single to put the tying run on base.  He is immediately wiped on a 6-4-3 DP as Blazers sweep 4-3. 

WP Treinen (2-0)

LP Pressley (0-2)

S Kimbrel (6)


Blazers move to 10-2 on the season.  The Blazers are 6-0 on the road, 4-0 in 1 run games, and finally broke out the sticks for 11 HR in the series.











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