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Los Altos @ New Milford

Blazers host Undertakers trying to avenge OLCS gorilla.


Game 1:  Sanchez @ Kershaw


It was long rumored that Kershaw wanted to come off of the DL and start this game.  His last bullpen was good so the all-world lefty got the nod.

It didn’t go as planned as Los Altos got to him in the first as Sean Rodriguez lead the game off with an E6 to reach second base.  David Freese then singled him home and Wilmer Flores launched a bomb to left for a quick 3-0 Undertaker lead.  Manager Anthony Peburn came out for a visit to the mound.  After both men screamed at each other, Kershaw snatched the ball out of Peburn’s hand and was heard saying, “I’ve got this!”  Kershaw then settled down to get out of the inning.


Top 2, reigning OL MVP Choo lead off for the visiting Undertakers to a standing ovation and promptly singled off of Kershaw.  Both players smiled and tipped their caps toward each other.  Kershaw again got out of the inning.

Botttom 2, Castro singled in Grandy to put NM on the board 3-1.

Bottom 3, the Grandy man tied the game with a one out 2 run single.  Kershaw, Castro, and Betts follow with RBI singles and a Blazer 6-3 lead.

Bottom 5, a Carpenter RBI double, Betts RBI single and Freeman RBI single push the Blazer lead to 9-3.

Blazers batter Sanchez and win easily 11-4.

WP Kershaw (1-0)

LP Sanchez (2-1)


Game 2:  Sale @ Tanaka

Bottom 4, a Saunders 2 out 2 run blast put NM up 2-0.

Top 6, a Parker solo shot cut the Blazer lead in half.

Top 9, with one out, Vogt and Pederson walk to put the tying and wining runs on base, but Kimbrel induces the DP ball from Pence to preserve another Blazer 1 run win, 2-1.

WP Tanaka (4-1)

LP Sale (3-3)

S Kimbrel (11)


Game 3:  Roark @ Quintana

Top 2, Roark bunts with Rizzo on third and with Carpenter playing in, somehow his only play was to first and the Undertakers take a 1-0 lead.

Top 3, Wilmer Flores goes yard again making it 2-0 Los Altos.

Bottom 5, Carpenter HR’s to right to cut the Undertake lead in half.

Los Altos goes up 3-1 in the 7th in an Arenado RBI single after an E by pitcher Treinen.

Tulo is lost for the series in the 5th.

Bottom 9, Jansen on and Weeks grounds a single to start it off. Dietrich, McCann and Carpenter can’t do squat and Los Altos takes the game 3-1.

WP Roark (4-1)

LP Quintana (3-1)

S Jansen (8)


Game 4:  Archer @ Moore

Bottom 3, Freeman leads off the inning with a no doubter to right giving the Blazers a 1-0 lead.

Top 7, Devenski on for the first time in the series and after a Choo lead off walk, induces the DP and K to escape.

Top 8, Devenski gets Los Altos 1-2-3.

Top 9, Kimbrel on and Pederson PH and K’s, Parker PH and K’s and Seager PH and drives one deep to center that Grandy gets back on preserving the Blazer 1-0 win.

WP Moore (2-1)

LP Archer (4-1)

S Kimbrel (12)


Blazers are 20-4 on the season and are 9-0 in 1 run games.  Blazers hit 280/349/394 for the series.  Los Altos hit 211/284/375.

Blazers finish chapter 1 with a home series with Granite State


New Milford and Flagstaff


New Milford plays a home and home series with the Outlaws.


Game 1:  Greene @ Wood

A Tulo 2 RBI single in the second puts the Blazers on the board.  That was more than enough for Greene (6 IP 2 H, 0 ER , 6 K) who was spectacular again as Blazers win a pretty boring game pushing overall win streak to 13 games and road win streak to 11 games.

WP Greene (2-0)

LP Wood (1-2)

S Kimbrel (9)


Game 2:  Tanaka @ McHugh

Tanaka looked off in pre game warm ups.  He assured the trainer and manager he was fine.


A Russell Martin HR highlighted a 4 run first inning for the Outlaws.

Tanaka goes 5 IP giving up 12 hits and 6 ER.  Bowman and Treinen continued to suck monkey balls as Outlaws take the Blazers behind the woodshed for the first time all year in a 9-1 spanking halting the Blazer win streaks overall and on the road behind 2 Khris Davis HR’s.

WP McHugh (2-2)

LP Tanaka (3-1)


Game 3:  Wacha @ Quintana

Series shifts to NM  where Blazers have a not as good home record.

Freeman and Garcia first inning RBI singles put New Milford up 2-0.

Top 9, Springer leads off with a single.  With one out, Davis walks putting the tying runs on base, but Kimbrel induces a DP ball to end the threat and another Blazer 2-0 win.

WP Quintana (3-0)

LP Wacha (0-3)

S Kimbrel (10)


Game 4:  Greinke @ Moore

Bottom 2, a Grandy RBI double puts the good guys up 1-0.

Bottom 3, a Betts RBI triple made it 2-0.

Top 4, a Suarez HR ties the game 2-2.

Bottom 6, Kinsler goes yard with a 3 run jack, 5-2 Blazers.

Top 8, Blazers try to get cute and not pitch Devenski.  McGowan on for his second inning of work and walks Suarez.  Cervenka comes on and walks Martin.  Philips hits a pop fly to left that Saunders drops, scoring Suarez.  Riemold walks to load the bases, aaaaaaand, that brings on Devenski, which I was trying to avoid.  No matter, Goldy and Springer with RBI and 2 RBI singles gives the Outlaws a 6-5 lead.  Great.

Bottom 8, Tulo had enough of this shit and HR’s to left with 2 outs to tie the game.



Bottom 11, first pitch of the inning Tulo said, “Fuck this shit I’m out,” dropped the mic and the bat and cleared the bases with another long ball. Blazers win 7-6.

WP Kimbrel (1)

LP Ramirez (0-1)

Blazers are 17-3 on the chapter.



New Milford @ Western Kansas

Blazers take undefeated road record to hunt Buffalo.

Game 1:  Greene @ Kennedy


Matt Carpenter hit a solo shot to lead off the game.

Bottom 7, Odor singles in Headley to tie the game.


Free Baseball.


Top 11, Joe Smith comes on and Freeman greets him with a HR to right.

Kimbrel on for the save and Cozart leads off with a single, WP to second, but Blazers escape 2-1.

WP Bowman (1-1)

LP Smith (0-1)

S Kimbrel (7)


Game 2:  Tanaka @ Peralta


Blazers jump on Peralta in the first with a Saunders 2 RBI triple.

Saunders HR’s in the 4th for a 3-0 lead.

Top 5, Kinsler and Garcia single for a 5-0 lead.

Top 6, Kinsler singles again for a 6-0 lead.

Bototm 7, Tanaka shows some fatigue with 2 runs on a Vargas RBI double and Schleper RBI single.

That, my friends is as close as the Buffs would come as Blazers win 6-2.

WP Tanaka (3-0)

LP Peralta (0-3)


Game 3:  Quintana @ Anderson

A GIDP, the second in as many innings, gives the Blazers a 1-0 lead,

Top 5, a Betts single makes it 2-0 Blazers.

Kimbrel does it again as Blazers win 2-0.

WP Quintana (2-0)

LP Anderson (0-2)

S Kimbrel (8 )


Game 4:  Moore @ Kuhl


Both starters GREAT as Moore allows only 2 hits and KUHL (?) scatters 6 hits in 6 innings for  a scoreless duel.

Top 7, McCann gives the Blazers the lead with a PH HR. 1-0 Blazers.

Bottom 8, Cozart with an RBI single and it’s a tie ball game.


Free Baseball.

Top 11, after a Freeman triple, Saunders reaches on an IF single and a 2-1 lead.

With Kimbrel tired, Cervenka comes on and gets a 1-2-3 inning for his first save of the year and a Blazer sweep.

WP Devenski (2-0)

LP Wilson (2-1)

S Cervenka (1)


Blazers are 14-2 on the season, 10-0 on the road, 6-0 in 1 run games, and 4-0 in extras.  Devenski is WAY overused and we will have to rely on other pitchers going forward,.


New Milford and Las Vegas

The Blazers continue to try and swim without their all-world ace with a home and home series with the Flamingos.


Game 1:  Straily @ Greene


Bottom 1, a Garcia RBI single and Kinsler sac fly give the Blazers a quick 2-0 lead.

Bottom 3, a Saunders sac fly, Grandy bases loaded walk, and Greene RBI double push the lead to 6-0.

Top 5, Jankowski and Cargo drive in some runs to pull the Pink Birds within 3 runs 6-3.

Bottom 5, Kinsler provides some breathing room with a 2 run bomb and a 8-3 Blazer lead.

Bottom 8, just trying to end the inning and Freeman jacks a grand slam and Kinsler and Grandy also go yard and Blazers win a laugher 14-3.

WP Treinen (1-0)

LP Straily (1-3)


Game 2:  Hammel @ Tanaka

Pinkies strike first with a CarGo solo shot to lead off the second.

Blazers storm back with 3 of their own in the bottom half on a Grandy 3 run bomb.

Bottom 3, Carpenter playes long ball and Grandy coaxes another bases loaded walk to put New Milly up 5-1.

Then Tanaka decides to take an early shower and potentially screw the pen for the rest of the series.

Bottom 4, Saunders with a 2 run single, Kinsler with an RBI single and Grandy with a 2 RBI single to make it 10 -1.

Bottom 5, Carpenter HR’s again for an 11-2 lead.

Bottom 8, Kinsler with a sac fly to make it 12-3.  Freeman then goes yard as Blazers win another easy one 13-3.

WP McGowan (1-0) strange scoring decision and he pitched the 8th and 9th innings in a blowout and 3 pitchers got holds before him.

LP Hammel (1-2)


Game 3:  Quintana @ Kohler

Series moves to Vegas.

Both teams trade runs in the second with a Tulo RBI double and Castillo HR.

Blazers go up 2-1 in the 5th on Freeman’s 3rd HR in 3 games.

Top 7, Saunders goes yard for a 4-1 Blazer lead.

With a spent pen, Devenski pitches the 8th and Kimbrel locks down the 9th preserving Quintana’s 7 inning 1 run gem.

WP Quintana (1-0)

LP Koehler (0-3)

S Kimbrel (5)


Game 4:  Moore @ Liriano

A Betts RBI double and Kinsler sac fly in the first is matched by a Liriano 2 RBI double in the second.

Bottom 5, CarGo HR’s to give the Pink Birds the lead 3-2.

Top 6, Tulo goes yard for a tie ball game.


With tired pens and only a few pitchers available on each side, Carpenter and Betts start the 11th off with singles.  JB then decides to put in an unwarmed up Flynn and he gets 2 K’s and a fly out.  Unfortunately that was not before 2 walks, the later to Kinsler to force in the winning run.

Bottom 11, Kimbrel gets a K, but then gives up a single to put the tying run on base.  He is immediately wiped on a 6-4-3 DP as Blazers sweep 4-3. 

WP Treinen (2-0)

LP Pressley (0-2)

S Kimbrel (6)


Blazers move to 10-2 on the season.  The Blazers are 6-0 on the road, 4-0 in 1 run games, and finally broke out the sticks for 11 HR in the series.










Blazers add two players at Ch 1 FA peroid

At the conclusion of the draft, management felt two changes had to be made to the 35 man roster.  “These are obviously moves with next year in mind,” stated GM Anthony Peburn. The Blazers said Goodbye to OFs  Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Brent Eibner and picked up rehabbing free agents and familiar faces Brett Anderson and Tyler Collins.  “We feel Brett can tutor the kids at AAA and really help them develop for next year.  We also couldn’t pictute Brett on any other club.”  Collins could be a replacement in CF if Granderson gets hurt and be a September call up. “We think both players could contribute to the big club next year.”