New Milford trades with Ravenswood

In an odd trade with two OL playoff hopefuls, the Blazers reached a deal with the Infidels.


New Milford sends Dan Descalso, who lost his roster spot with the acquisition of Kinsler, along with Richard Bleier and Ramiro Pena to Ravenswood for Bruce Maxwell, Dustin McGowan and Charlie Morton.


“Descalso was expendable,” explained NM  GM Anthony Peburn.  “Skiz had a need for a bat so we offered him up for two 5ooK picks and a 100K pick.  That also allowed us to spend 1M on Mendez.  Maxwell is the C that we covet.  A left handed batter, he may get a cup of coffee this year and will hopefully take over for Castro when he departs next year.  McGowan fills in the 80 innings we are missing on the cheap, and Morton is a flier for next year to hopefully step in for Quintana.”


We wish Descalso the best, but he is going from one playoff contender to another, so he is happy.  We hope Pena’s and Bleier’s brief stay in New Milly was a good one.


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