Blazers Add Granderson, Kimbrel

New Milford AP


As New Milford GM Anthony Peburn approached the podium, he seemed to have more swagger than usual.  It was a Ric Flair kind a swagger.


“It’s a GREAT day for the Blazers,” he said.

“Could that auction have gone any better for the Blazers?” asked Norm Cummings of the New Milford Spectrum.


“Norm, it was a hell of an auction for us,” replied Peburn.  “We made the gaffe with two first basemen, but corrected it. We wanted Freeman, Kinsler and either Grandy or Cain.  Sure, we also wanted one of the closers, but we wound up with the next best thing.  When you add a #3, #4, and #5 hitter to your line up AND a closer, it’s a pretty good feeling.  The addition of Kinsler cost someone his job, who won’t be named right now as the trade is pending and Niewuenhuis just lost his job to Grandy.  Grandy is the type of hitter who will do well in our park.  He K’s a lot but he will drive in a ton of runs for us.”


“How did the trade for Kimbrel take shape?” asked Marty Bailstock of the Hartford Courant.


“Well, Marty, Chicago showed the most interest, so we tried to work solely with them.  We had a few teams kicking the tires but didn’t want to commit to anything as they were also trying to win bids for first basemen in the auction.  He initially offered his own 5M pick which we rejected as he was to pick right before us if we had the money to do so.  We were talking about a multiple pick deal with a 3M rounder included when he acquired the 5M pick from South Loop.  We figured 5 picks into round 3 should get us one of the guys we wanted and it panned out.”


“You still seem about 100 innings short and your next pick is in the 1M round.  What are you going to do about that?” asked Sam Dickwad of the Salem Times.


“Sam, it’s only less than 100 innings.  We will be fine.  As of right now, we can slide Devenski into the starter role to make up for Kershaw and pretty much not lose a beat, as he is just like Kershaw and better than anyone else’s #1 starter.  We also have a trade to be completed so we will be fine.  Hell, if we had to start YOU once a chapter we can still win 100 games.”


“Predictions for the season?” asked Cummings.


“100 wins, first place, 3 games over Salem.  Keep in mind, this Salem team is the best one Glander has put on the field in a long time.  It is WAY better than that team he over-hyped a few years ago.  This one is the real deal and a World Series contender.  It will be neck and neck, but I think landing a third top bat to upgrade in CF AND a closer gives us the edge.  We’ll just have to play 160 games and see how it shakes out.”




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