Blazers Land The BIG Fish

After landing 2 of the top bats in the 2017 FA auction, New Milford made a shocking move landing perhaps the top hitting FA in 1B Freddy Freeman on the third night of the auction.


New Milford GM Anthony Peburn was all smiles as he approached the podium for the press conference.  (With a wink and double finger guns), “It’s a great night ain’t it, gentlemen?”


“That’s a tremendous signing,” started Norm Cummings of the New Milford Spectrum.  “Was this part of your master plan?”

“Norm, our plan was to sign 2 top hitters,” explained Peburn.  “Not only did we get 2 top hitters, we got 2 top hitters who play EX defense.  Putting 4-5 EX defenders on the field, plus an EX arm from your catcher will save quite a few runs over the 160 game season. Kinsler and Freeman were our top targets.  I know Cano seemed like a slam dunk with our history, but the decreased cost, increased defensive value and better balance to our line up made Kinsler our man.  Having 3 EX’s on the right side of our infield should neutralize opposing left handed hitters in our park.  Advantage; us.”


“But what the hell are you going to do with TWO first basemen?  This is Doyle 2.0,” exclaimed Sam Dickwad of the Salem Times.

“My dear Sam, you really have no clue, do you?” asked Peburn.  “While this may be SIMILAR to the Doyle fiasco of last year, this is actually very different.  Last year Doyle had NO pitching and blew his entire cap on two first basemen, both with type H contracts.  We have pretty much a full roster and can trade Santana if the situation presents itself. Have you ever heard of having ‘too much hitting?’  You know why you have never heard of that?  It’s because there is on such thing.  Yes it is true that we have more bats than roster spots, but that is a great problem to have.  Judging by the trade interest in Santana over the last 24 hours, we feel that when the auction is over and the music stops, two teams will be left standing without a seat.  If we come to a trade agreement with one of those teams, great.  If we don’t, then we have an awesome bench bat that we will GLADLY make room for.  If that is the case then Kim goes to AAA and either Garcia or Descalso gets traded.  Probably Garcia based on the off season interest.  We will see how this plays out.”


“Do you regret the Santana signing now that you have Freeman?” asked Cummings.


“Not really, Norm,” replied Peburn.  “Yes, if I had a Delorean I’d go back in time, let Chicago win the Santana bid, save 7M to plunder in this auction and an extra 4 M for the next 2 years on Freeman’s contract, but this is the price you pay to compete.  It’s not easy putting a division winner on the field every year.  You take some gambles.  You win some, you lose some.  You just can’t be afraid to take the gambles in the first place.  We really think this situation is going to work out either way.”


“What are you going to do with that whopping 6.7 M left?” asked Mitch Halbum of the Washington Tribune.


“Well, Mitchy, that’s a secret.  He have our eyes on a few guys.  Some to help us now, some with future potential, and some with a combination of both.  We’ll see where the chips fall.”


“Do you think this puts you up there with the Los Altos’s and Salem’s of the world?” asked Mel Kiper Jr of ESPN.


“Mel, I have no idea why you are here, but thanks for covering us.  We always think we are up there with the very best.  2017 will be a blood bath in the McGowan division like it always is.  Salem is good this year.  Really good.  So is Los Altos.  And don’t sleep on Ravenswood.  Bear Country could be amazing with a little more pitching.  We’ll just see.  We think we are as good as we always are, which pretty much assures us a trip to the OLCS.  Hopefully this is the year we don’t get our asses kicked in that round.  Thanks for coming, folks.  Probably going to hold one more press conference before all the FA’s are signed.”


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