New Milford Lands Two Impact Bats


On Day 2 of the 2017 BDBL auction, New Milford made a HUGE splash adding two middle of the order bats for a combined 10.5 million.

Ian Kinsler is the new Blazer second baseman for a 5.5 salary.  He forms a dynamic middle of the diamond duo with Tulo with both having EX ratings in the field.

Carlos Santana is the new first baseman, shifting Carpenter to 3B.  At only 5 million, both are bargains for this year.


“Carlos and Ian are middle of the order type bats,” explains GM Anthony Peburn.  “Carlos is kinda like Teixeira was last year, but now we have that production for a full year.  This also balances out our line up, as sometimes being too lefty heavy has hurt us.”


With the new additions, New Milford has a roster crunch as either Kim or Dietrich will not be on the 25 man roster.  A trade is very possible.


With almost 20 million still to spend, the Blazers look to add another impact player.  “If no one wants to spend money this auction, we will spend it for them,” winked Peburn.


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