Blazers make some preseason trades


After failing in the playoffs again, New Milford has made some moves to position themselves in 2017 division race.  “We aren’t hyper traders like Salem and St Louis, so we don’t get the recognition for General Managing, but we make smart moves to put us into position to win every year,” said GM Anthony Peburn.


In the first deal, New Milford shed Hisashi Iwakuma’s 6M salary for 100K platoon guy Tyler Saladino.  New Milford also acquired salary dump Jimmy Paredes (800K cut) and fallen prospect Shelby Miller ( 2,100, 2018) .  “We figured Miller was a good flier for 2018 and would keep him if need be.”


The next deal saw New Milford flip the salary they just acquired in the first deal (Miller and Paredes) plus prospect Taylor Guerrieri to Myrtle Beach for utility player Daniel Descalso (500K) and Shane Greene (100K).  “We dumped another 3 million of dead weight (6 million overall) and upgraded Brandon McCarthy’s roster spot with spot starter Greene and reaquired long time Blazer Descalso to fill in the IF.”


Deal #3 flipped Saladino from the first deal to Granite State for the 500K Michael Bourne.  “Bourne is a great fit to platoon in CF for us this year on the cheap,” said Peburn.


Deal #4 saw New Milford cut more dead weight in the 600K cut Kelly Johnson to Akron for Abraham Almonte.  “Kelly wasn’t going to make our squad, so he was happy to go to Akron to get some PT.”


Finally, New Milford traded McCarthy, who lost his roster spot to Bear Country for Jake Marisnick.   “Jake failed his post trade physical, so we will cut him.  Since we weren’t going to carry McCarty anyway, we decided not to file a grievance with the commissioners office.”


Five deals, nothing flashy, just quality pieces for another run plus an extra 6.5 M to spend.


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