Blazers OLCS roster announced

For the second year in a row and the fourth year overall, the Blazers face Los Altos in the OLCS.  New Milford has never beaten The Undertakers in the playoffs.


The batting roster is virtually unchanged from the OLDS.  Matt Carpenter will hit lead off playing 2B, followed by Mookie Betts in CF.  Shin Soo Choo will bat third in RF followed by OLDS MVP Mark Teixeira at 1B.  David Peralta will hit 5th in LF, Troy Tulowitzki will bat 6th at SS, Kelly Johnson (26 PA overall, 4 vs L) will play 3B batting 7th, and Jason Castro (30 PA overall and vs R) will hit 9th at C.  The bench will consist of James McCann C (12 PA vs L), Jed Lowrie IF (21 PA overall, 8 vs L) , Derek Dietrich IF (23 PA overall and vs R), Clint Robinson IF/OF (28 PA overall 4 vs L), and Ryan Raburn OF (16 PA vs L).

Starters will be Kershaw, Tanaka, Iwakuma and Quintana KRod will close with O’Day, Thornton, Rivero, Albers, Warren, Furbush (1.2 IP) and McGee in the pen.


Series slated to kick off Saturday, November 12th at 5 PM EST with Kershaw facing Archer in Los Altos.


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