Flagstaff and New Milford OLDS


Wild Card winner Flagstaff Outlaws travel to New Milford to take on the Blazers in New Milford.


Game 1:  Lackey @ Kershaw


After a very well sung National Anthem by Ariana Grande, Steve Bartman rode a goat out the pitcher’s mound and threw a strike for the first pitch to Jason Castro as the crowd erupted.

Top 2, Chris Colabello homered to left to give the visitors a 1-0 lead.

Bottom 2, Teixiera jumped on the first pitch from Lackey driving it deep to right immediately giving the Blazers some life to tie the game.

Bottom 3, Carpenter walked, Betts popped up, Choo walked and Teixeira singled to load the based.  Peralta unloaded them with a grand slam.  5-1 Blazers.

Bottom 6, a Choo RBI single made it 6-1, and a Johnson sac fly pushed it to 7-1.  That’s all Kershaw (7.1 IP, 6 H, 1 ER, 11K) would need in the Blazers opening 7-1 win.

WP Kershaw (1-0)

LP Lackey (0-1) 


Game 2:  Wood @ Tanaka


Bottom 4, a Teixeira double gave the Blazers a 1-0 lead.

Bottom 6, a Robinson PH sac fly and Lowrie 2 RBI double made it 4-0 New Milford.

Top 7, an unlikely 3 run HR from Dee Gordon off of Jake McGee pulled Flagstaff within one run.

Top 8, a Springer 2 run bomb off of Rivero gives Flagstaff the lead 5-4.

Bottom 8, with a runner on second and 2 outs, Lowrie is IBB’d by Sipp and Carpenter ripped a double down the line.  Lowrie is sent home.  The throw is close.  He is SAFE!  Blazers up 6-5.  KRod goes 1-2-3 as Blazers come from behind for the 6-5 win.

WP Rivero (1-0)

LP Sipp (0-1)

S KRod (1)


Game 3:  Iwakuma @ McHugh


Series shifts to Purina.

A Teixeira first inning RBI single gave NM the early 1-0 lead.

Top 4, a Johnson RBI double made it 2-0 Blazers.

Top 5, a Choo sac fly and Peralta 3 run bomb made it 6-0 Blazers.

Top 6, a Betts RBI single, Choo RBI double and Tulo GRAND SLAM made it 12-0 Blazers.

Iwakuma finished the complete game as Blazers win going away 13-3.

WP Iwakuma (1-0)

LP McHugh (0-1)


Game 4:  Warren @ Ross


Outlaw bats wake up with 4 in the first on a Martin RBI single and Springer 3 run bomb.

Blazers cut the lead in half in the bottom half on a Tulo 2 run bomb.

Outlaws score 3 more in the third on a Springer single, Jones bases loaded walk and Suarez sac fly to make it 7-2 Outlaws.

Top 6, a Castro double, Carpenter single, Betts RBI double, Choo walk load the bases for Teixeira who unloads them with a GRAND SLAM to tie the game. A Carpenter bases loaded walk later in the inning gave the Blazers an 8-7 lead.

Top 7, a Johnson bases loaded walk, Dietrich RBI single (in for carp who was ejected), and a Castro RBI groundout made it 11-7 Blazers.

KRod on in the 9th and Outlaws put 2 on but he leaves the tying run on the on deck circle as Blazers sweep Flagstaff 11-7.

WP Warren (1-0)

LP Ross (0-1)


Congrats to Greg on a great season.

Teixeira went 625/700/1.188 with 3 doubles , 2 HR, 10 runs and 7 RBI.

Blazers hit 331/430/592








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