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New Milford @ Los Altos

Blazers travel to meet record breaking Undertakers team.


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Archer


In a game to two CY hopefuls, Los Altos strikes first on a error by NM RF Choo in the 4th for a 1-0 lead.

Two innings later, after a Tulo error ( the third NM miscue of the game) Gutierrez goes yard for a 3-0 Undertaker lead.

Ruggiano HR’s in the 7th to make it 4-0.

A Castro HR in the 9th puts the Blazers on the board, but NM can’t get the tying run out of the on deck circle and Los Altos wins 4-1.

WP Archer (21-4)

LP Kershaw (22-8)

S ALvarez (5)


Game 2:  Iwakuma @ Cole


A second inning Arenado sac fly makes it 1-0 Los Altos.

Bottom 6, Turner goes yard and it’s 2-0.

Top 7, a Carpenter 2 run bomb and it’s tied.

Bottom 8, Thornton comes on and sucks up the joint.  3 runs score.  Los Altos wins 5-2.

WP Betances (8-1)

LP Thornton ( 2-2)

S Giles (37)


Game 3:  Anderson @ Sale

First inning, third batter of the game Raburn goes yard for a 3-0 NM lead.

Top 3, Tulo HR’s and it’s 4-0 NM.

In the 5th, Ruggiano HR’s for the second time in the series and it’s 4-3.

Top 8, Weeks with a PH HR and it’s 6-3 NM

Top 9, a Carp RBI single, Betts RBI double and Peralta groundout make it 9-4 in the NM rout.

WP Anderson (13-11)

LP Sale (24-5)


Game 4:  Quintana @ Gibson


A first inning RBI groundout, WP and sac fly make it 3-0 NM.

Bottom 1, a Tomlinson RBI triple ties it at 3.

Top 4, another Blazer sac fly give New Milford the lead.

Top 5, a Betts double and it’s 5-3 NM.

Bottom 6, Bautista HR off of a guy who won’t pitch in the playoffs gives Los Altos a 6-5 lead.

Los Altos takes the series 3 games to 1 with the 6-5 win.

WP Manship (6-0)

LP Quintana (11-9)

S Giles (38)



Granite State @ New Milford

Lightning finish their season series with the Blazers.


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Gray


Fact:  Kershaw has not beaten Granite State this year.

Top 1. Flores goes yard off of Kershaw for a 1-0 Lightning lead.

Bottom 1, Peralta with a 3 run jack.  3-1 Blazers.

Bottom 2, a Betts sac fly makes it 4-1.

Bottom 4, a Carpenter RBI double, WP, and Betts RBI double make it 7-1 Blazers.

Bottom 7, a Lowrie HR and it’s 9-1 Blazers.

Bottom 8, a Choo HR, Gillespie RBI double, Dietrich HR an Nieuwenhuis HR make it 15-1 Blazers.  Kershaw’s 7 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 9 K easily stand up in the Blazer 15-1 win .

WP Kershaw (22-7)

LP Gray (12-15)



Game 2:  Niese @ Tanaka

A 5th inning Encarnacion 3 run bomb is the big blow in this one as Tanaka gives up 5 ER as Lightning win 6-2 as Blazers leave 10 on base playing with scrubs.

WP Niese (4-6)

LP Tanaka (10-5)



Game 3:  McAllister @ Anderson


A wild one, where Frazier HR’s in the top of the second but Blazers respond for 3 in 5th on a Nieuwenhuis RBI single and Dietrich 2 run bomb.

Top 8, McGee on to protect the lead and gives up lead off back to back HR to Encarnacion and Frazier.

Bottom 9, Betts leads off with a single and Tulo singles him to second.  McCann GIDP moving Betts to 3rd.  Raburn is IBB’d and Kelly Johnson hits a ball to SS that Flores boots allowing Betts to score the winning run in a Blazer 4-3 win.

WP KRod (3-2)

Avilon (2-4)



Game 4:  Eickhoff @ Quintana


Eickhoff, and his .833 OPS against lefties is masterful against a line up of all lefties (albeit, scrubs, but still)

A Bourne 2 RBI double in the first is halved by a Choo sac fly.

A 7th inning Altuve RBI single to the pitcher is the only other thing that really happens as Lighting win and secure the split.

WP Eickhoff (2-3)

Quintana (11-8)

S Venditte (2)


Blazers are at 97 wins on the year and need to win 3 of the last 8 to secure a record 5th straight 100 win season.  Choo has 128 RBI on the year.


Salem @ New Milford

Cowtippers finish the season series with the Blazers.


Game 1:  Hutchinson @ Kershaw


With 2 outs in the second, Kershaw’s perfect streak ended as Morse grounded a single up the middle.

Top 3, Reyes singled up the middle to give the Tippers a 1-0 lead.

Bottom 5, Carpenter ties the game with a RBI single.

Bottom 6, Kershaw left the game with a random injury.

Top 8, Warren comes on and a bunch of bull shit happened, with a bunch of IF singles scoring 3 runs.

Bottom 9, a Dietrich 2 run bomb brought the tying run to the plate, but Teixeira K’s to end the game.

WP Hunter (4-0)

LP Warren (9-9)

S Street (9)


Game 2:  Shoemaker @ Tanaka

Game 2 featured what looked like 2 AAA teams with the difference that New Milford had an all star on the mound and Salem had a AAA pitcher on the mound.

Nieuwenhuis HR in the second is follow by a Gillespie RBI double.(for New Milford)

Bottom 3, a Lowrie HR pushed the NM lead to 5-0.

Bottom 4, MVChoo with the RBI triple and it’s 6-0.

A late Betts PH 2 RBI single rounded out a Blazer 9-2 rout.

WP Tanaka (10-4)

LP Shoemaker (3-13)


Game 3:  Fiers @ Anderson

Fiers dazzeled with 7 IP, 7 H, 1 ER and 11K.

Anderson did not with 6 IP, 5 ER.

8th inning Matz comes on and I do some quick math to find out he can only throw 0.2 IP.  I let him throw a full inning, then tell Glander that he has a penalty for next year.  Battle won, war lost.

Salem wins 5-1.

WP Fiers (11-13)

LP Anderson (12-11)


Game 4:  Strasburg @ Quintana

Stras’s struggles against the Blazers in his career have been well documented.  Today, 7 IP with only a single run .

Quintana was better, pitching 7 with no runs.

Protecting a one run lead in the 8th was left to Charlie Furbush.  After a Furbush E, he coughed up a 2 run double to Casey McGehee, who apparently is still alive and the Tipper take the lead.

Bottom 9, with 2 outs, this really happened.  Teixeira PH and reached on an E4.  Moved to second on a wild pitch, and scored on a Johnson single


Free Baseball.

Top 11, Warren on again and loads the bases but escapes the jam.

Bottom 11, TRex singled but Choo was cut down at home.

Bottom 12, with 2 outs, Carpenter singles Iwakuma to second (who failed to advance the runner on a bunt attempt).  Weeks is brought in the PR for Iwakuma and before the pitch to Betts is thrown, Glander writes GG.  Betts lined a double to left for the walk off win .


WP Warren (10-9)

LP Igleasias (6-8)


Blazers split the season series with Salem.  Blazers are at 95 wins and need 5 more wins in the next 12 games to extend their record streak of 100 win seasons to 5.




New Milford @ Kansas City

Blazers travel to Boulevards


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Kazmir


Blazers score 5 in the first highlighted by a Choo 3 run bomb.

A Raburn 2 run bomb in the 7th is all Kershaw would need, as he went 27 up, 27 down to become the first pitcher in BDBL history to throw a PERFECT GAME, needing 104 pitches to throw the gem tallying 11 K’s in the process.

WP Kershaw 21-7

LP Kazmir  (12-12)


Game 2:  Iwakuma @ Happ

Bottom 3, KC scores on a passed ball, but Blazers storm back on back to back jacks by Betts and Raburn.

Bottom 6 a Molina single ties it.

Top 8, a Carp HR unties it.

KRod closes out the Blazer 3-2 win

WP ODay (3-2)

LP Happ (5-17)

S KRod (33)


Game 3:  Anderson @ Nicolino

A second inning Sands RBI 3B puts KC on the board.

Blazers score 3 in the third on a Raburn 2 RBI double and Choo RBI groundout.

KC scores 3 in the 5th on a Morales HR.

Tolleson nails down the save.

WP Nicolino (1-1)

LP Anderson (12-10)

S Tolleson (30)


Game 4:  Quintana @ Pineda

Top 7, down 4-2, Castro and Carp go back to back to tie the game.


Free Baseball


Bottom 10 with KRod on, Ozuna HR’s to walk off KC for the split.

WP Vincent (2-1)

LP KRod (2-2)