Bear Country @ New Milford

The Jamboree visit the Blazers to finish their regular season match up in a possible playoff preview.


Game 1:  Dickey @ Kershaw

Bottom 4, Carpenter doubles in Tulo for a 1-0 Blazer lead.

Bottom 5, Tex goes yard to make it 2-0.

Bottom 7, Choo with a RBI single for a 3-0 lead,

Bottom 8, Johnson plays longball for a 4-0 lead, which is your final score.

WP Kershaw (17-5)

LP Dickey (10-5)

S McGee (1)


Game 2:  Price @ Tanaka


A Belt second inning solo HR is matched by a Pirela RBI double in the bottom half.

Both starters give up only one ER.

Bottom 8, Gilmartin on to face Choo and Choo does his MVP thing lining a RBI single up the middle for a 2-1 lead.

Top 9, KRod does his KRod thing 1-2-3 as Blazers win 2-1.

WP Rivero (5-1)

LP Gilmartin (5-2)

S KRod (24)



Game 3:  Volquez @ Iwakuma

A Tulo GIDP, Tex solo shot and Castro RBI double have the Blazers sitting pretty with a 3-0 lead in the 5th.

Top 6, Braun makes it unpretty for Blazer fans with a 3 run bomb to tie the game.

Bottom 6, Kelly Johnson comes through with a 2 RBI single and a 5-3 Blazer lead.

Bottom 7, a Cotts WP and Choo 2 RBI single put the game away in a Blazer 8-3 win.

WP Iwakuma (12-4)

LP Volquez (8-11)


Game 4:  Harvey @ Warren

Top 1, a Kelly Johnson error allows Pillar to score for a 1-0 Bear lead.

Bottom half, Betts goes yard to tie the game.

Bottom 3, Castro goes yard for a 2-1 lead.

Bottom 6, a Tulo RBI double makes it 3-1.

Top 7, ODay gives up a Pillar RBI single and Rivero gives up a Murphy RBI single to tie the game.  Thanks for doing your fucking job, fellas.

Anyway, free baseball.

Top 13, with 2 outs, Furbush walked Braun intentionally.  Braun then stole second, advanced to third on a WP, and scored on an IF single to first as Furbush failed to get to first base as the Jam take the lead.

Bottom 13, Raburn lines a single to center and is bunted over to second.  With 2 outs, Carp is IBB’d and Betts flies out to deep right as the Country escape and avoid the Noid 4-3.

WP Ramos (5-5)

LP Furbush (2-2)

S Young (2)


Blazers are 5-3 on the chapter with the 2 potential playoff teams out of the way.  Blazers go 8-4 against Bear Country on the season.




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