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New Milford @ New York

Blazers @ Giants


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Simon

Kershaw goes 8, giving up just 2 hits, one being a HR to Gyorko.

Simon goes 4 giving up 2 H and 2 BB but 0 ER.  Jim then goes to Rusin who gives up 2 ER on a Peralta 2 RBI single.

With free baseball, McGee comes on in the 10th and Davis greets him with a walk off HR and a Giants 3-2 win.

WP Torres (2-3)

LP McGee (0-2)



Game 2:  Iwakuma @ Lohse

Iwakuma goes 7 giving up an unearned run on 4 H and 2 BB.

Lohse gives up an RBI single to Peralta, a 2 run bomb by Peralta, and Johnson, Tulo and Robinson solo shots.

Up 6-1 in the 8th, Thornton comes on and gets 2 outs that sandwich a bunch of hits and a Grand Slam by Hechavarria.  6-5 Blazers.

KRod lets the tying run on base to start the 9th but then K’s the side.  Blazers win 6-5.

WP Iwakuma (13-4)

LP Lohse (1-4)

S KRod (28)


Game 3:  Anderson @ Greene

Top 1, Giants finally get Peralta out, but it produces an RBI and a 1-0 lead.

Top 3, Peralta doubles scoring 2, Lowrie triples scoring 2 and Dietrich grounds out for a 6-0 lead.

Top 4, a Carpenter RBI single pushes the lead to 7-0 and an inning later Peralta kills a pitch over the right field wall for a 8-0 lead.  Blazers win going away 8-3.

WP Anderson (11-8)

LP Greene (0-2)



Game 4:  Quintana @ Bolsinger

Bottom 1, a Votto 2 run bomb puts NY up 2-0.

Top 3, Peralta continues his assault on Giants pitching with a 2 run single to tie it.

A Davis 6th inning double puts New York up 5-2.

Top 7, a Peralta bases loaded walk and Tulo RBI infield single pull NM within a run a 5-4, but NY gets one back in the bottom half on a WP.

Top 8, with 2 outs, Carpenter HR’s to pull NM within one run and Teixeira PH’s for his first PA of the series with a HR to tie the game.  Jim then goes to game one starter Simon, who allows a double to Choo, and RBI double to Peralta for the lead, and a RBI single to Tulo to put the Blazers up 8-6.

KRod does his job in the 9th for a Blazers series win.

WP Warren (7-5)

LP Simon (2-3)

S KRod (29)


Peralta goes beast mode in the series with a 12 for 16, 13 RBI performance pushing him to 95 RBI on the year.

Blazers are 40 games above 500 at 82 and 42 with a magic number of 14.  Going 18-18 down the stretch will extend the Blazers record with 5 straight 100 win season.  8 more wins will extend the Blazers record to 8 straight 90 or more win seasons.



New Milford @ Salem

Blazers take a road trip to face the rival Cowtippers.


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Hutchinson

A Jack Elmore HR to lead off the bottom of the first and back to back doubles by Shaw and Zimmerman give Salem a 2-0 lead.

Top 3, a Choo 2 RBI double, Peralta RBI double, and Johnson 2 RBI double give New Milford a 5-2 lead.

Bottom half, Salem matches the 5 spot, off of Kershaw, highlighted by a Maldonado HR (he was terrible for us and we dropped him). 7-5 Salem.

Bottom 4, Salem scores 2 more, off of Kershaw, for a 9-5 advantage.  Absolutely stupid.

Top 7, Robinson launces a 2 run bomb to pull NM within 2 runs, 9-7.

But again, Salem matches that 2 spot in the bottom half on some more bull shit.

Top 9, with no outs, Robinson again goes yard for a 2 run bomb, making it 11-9, but Street gets the next three Blazers after than for a Salem 11-9 win.

WP Iglesias (5-7)

LP Kershaw (18-6)

Choo takes over the OL RBI lead in this game, with 101 in his quest for a 5th Blazer MVP trophy.


Game 2:  Tanaka @ Shoemaker

An Upton RBI single and Shaw 2 run bomb give Salem a 3-0 first inning lead, as they again jump all over a great Blazer starter early.

Top 2, Blazers bat around highlighted by a Choo bases clearing double for a 6-3 advantage.

Salem gets single runs in the 5th, 6th and 7th to tie the game.

Bottom 8, Zimmerman leads off with a double and is sac bunted over to third.  Ramirez is walked intentionally but steals second.  Castro walks unintentionally and Treinen throws a WP to give up the lead run.  A sav fly to left made it 8-6 Salem.

Top 9, Choo singles with 2 outs to bring the tying run to the plate, but Peralta can’t convert as Salem escapes 8-6.

WP (Hunter 2-0)

LP Thornton (2-1)

S Street (5)


Game 3:  Anderson @ Fiers

2 Sac flies give Salem an early 2-0 lead. Salem goes up 3-0 on a Ramiez single to center.

Top 6, Anderson helps his own cause with a single to center to cut the Salem lead to 3-1.

Top 7, Blazers score 9 highlighted by a Betts solo shot, Carpenter 3 run bomb and Robinson grand slam.  10-3 Blazers.

Blazers win 10-6.

WP Anderson (10-8)

LP Shoemaker (8-12)


Game 4:  Quintana @ Strasburg

Stras did have a good game against New Milford once.  It was in the playoffs, too.

A First inning error by Stras (we are in his head) allows Choo to score to give New Milford a 1-0 lead.

Salem ties it in the 4th an a Shaw HR.

Top 5, a Carp sac fly and Choo solo shot make it 3-1 Blazers.

Bottom half, a Soler RBI single cut the Blazer lead to 1 run.

top 7, a Choo RBI groundout makes it 4-2.

Bottom 9, KRod gets the job done for the Blazer 4-2 win and come from behind series split.

WP Quintana (10-7)

LP Strasburg (5-8)

S KRod (27)

Choo’s 7 RBI’s give him 106 on the season, 6 up in the OL wildcard race.  Blazers have a 26 game lead in the division and a magic number of 17.



Western Kansas @ New Milford

Western Kansas visits New Milford.


Game 1:  Hammel @ Kershaw

A Betts first inning solo shot and Castro third inning bomb put the Blazers up 2-0.

Meanwhile, after giving up a lead off single, Kershaw K’s the next 8 batters in a row.

Castro’s second homer of the game is unnecessary, as Blazers win 5-0.

WP Kershaw (18-5)

LP Hammel (1-12)


Game 2:  Kohler @ Tanaka


Follow me here:

Top 1:  Headley RBI single, bottom half Choo 2 RBI double.

Top 2: Ashe 2 RBI single and Goins RBI 3B, bottom half Carp 2 run bomb.

Top 3: Conger 2 run bomb, bottom half nil.

Top 4: nada, bottom half Robinson solo shot.

Top 5: Hunter sac fly, Bottom half nothing (7-5 Buffs)

Nothing until the 7th, bottom half, where Peralta unloads the bases with a double and scores on a sac fly. (9-7 Blazers)

Top 9, KRod K, single, K, and pop up to right. <fin>

WP Warren (6-5)

LP Kohler (8-16)

S KRod (25)


Game 3:  Weaver @ Anderson

Top 4, Conger homers off of the lefty for a 1-0 lead.

Bottom 5, Blazers tie it on a sac fly by Carpenter.

Bottom 6, MVC(hoo) HR’s to center to give the Blazers a 2-1 lead.  Peralta later scores on a WP.

Top 9, this time KRod K’s the side.  Blazers win 3-1.

WP Anderson (9-8)

LP Smith (1-2)

S KRod (26)


Game 4:  Anderson 2 Quintana

A First inning Conger double is met by a Peralta sac fly.

Top 7, Torii Hunter HR’s for a 2-1 Buffs lead, which is matched by a Lowrie RBI double.

Bottom 8, a Betts RBI single and Tulo 3 run bomb go unmatched, as Blazers win 6-2 and take the series sweep.

WP Thornton (2-0)

LP Smith (2-3)

S Rivero (3)

Blazers move to 77-39, 25 games up on Salem. (Yes, that’s nice to write)



Bear Country @ New Milford

The Jamboree visit the Blazers to finish their regular season match up in a possible playoff preview.


Game 1:  Dickey @ Kershaw

Bottom 4, Carpenter doubles in Tulo for a 1-0 Blazer lead.

Bottom 5, Tex goes yard to make it 2-0.

Bottom 7, Choo with a RBI single for a 3-0 lead,

Bottom 8, Johnson plays longball for a 4-0 lead, which is your final score.

WP Kershaw (17-5)

LP Dickey (10-5)

S McGee (1)


Game 2:  Price @ Tanaka


A Belt second inning solo HR is matched by a Pirela RBI double in the bottom half.

Both starters give up only one ER.

Bottom 8, Gilmartin on to face Choo and Choo does his MVP thing lining a RBI single up the middle for a 2-1 lead.

Top 9, KRod does his KRod thing 1-2-3 as Blazers win 2-1.

WP Rivero (5-1)

LP Gilmartin (5-2)

S KRod (24)



Game 3:  Volquez @ Iwakuma

A Tulo GIDP, Tex solo shot and Castro RBI double have the Blazers sitting pretty with a 3-0 lead in the 5th.

Top 6, Braun makes it unpretty for Blazer fans with a 3 run bomb to tie the game.

Bottom 6, Kelly Johnson comes through with a 2 RBI single and a 5-3 Blazer lead.

Bottom 7, a Cotts WP and Choo 2 RBI single put the game away in a Blazer 8-3 win.

WP Iwakuma (12-4)

LP Volquez (8-11)


Game 4:  Harvey @ Warren

Top 1, a Kelly Johnson error allows Pillar to score for a 1-0 Bear lead.

Bottom half, Betts goes yard to tie the game.

Bottom 3, Castro goes yard for a 2-1 lead.

Bottom 6, a Tulo RBI double makes it 3-1.

Top 7, ODay gives up a Pillar RBI single and Rivero gives up a Murphy RBI single to tie the game.  Thanks for doing your fucking job, fellas.

Anyway, free baseball.

Top 13, with 2 outs, Furbush walked Braun intentionally.  Braun then stole second, advanced to third on a WP, and scored on an IF single to first as Furbush failed to get to first base as the Jam take the lead.

Bottom 13, Raburn lines a single to center and is bunted over to second.  With 2 outs, Carp is IBB’d and Betts flies out to deep right as the Country escape and avoid the Noid 4-3.

WP Ramos (5-5)

LP Furbush (2-2)

S Young (2)


Blazers are 5-3 on the chapter with the 2 potential playoff teams out of the way.  Blazers go 8-4 against Bear Country on the season.



Ravenswood @ New Milford


New Milford starts a home series against Ravenswood.


Game 1:  Scherzer @ Kershaw


Bottom 3, Teixeira and Peralta line back to back RBI singles for a 2-0 Blazer lead.

Kershaw goes a DOMINANT 7 innings of 3 hit, 2 walk ball.

Top 9, Infidels get the tying run to the plate but KRod is up to the task for the save of a Blazer 2-0 win.


WP Kershaw (16-5)

LP Scherzer (15-7)

S KRod (22)



Game 2:  Odorizzi @ Tanaka


Former Blazer farmhand Odorizzi is on his game, allowing only a Betts 8th inning sac fly.

Tanaka pitched well with an Ethier solo shot and Valencia RBI single as the only damage.

Bottom 9, some guy named Robles got Tex, Peralta and Tulo 1-2-3 for the Ravenswood 2-1 win.

WP Odorizzi (7-7)

LP Tanaka (9-3)

S Robles (21)



Game 3:  Chen @ Iwakuma

Top 1, Either strikes again for the second game in a row, this time a 2 run shot.

Bottom half, Blazers get one back on a Tex GIDP.

Bottom 3, a Raburn RBI double and Tulo RBI single give NM a 3-2 lead.

Top 4, Brad Miller laces an RBI 3B but is stranded at 3rd.  Tie game.

Which is untied in the bottom half on Jose Pirela’s first HR of the year.

Bottom 5, Betts goes yard to make it 5-3.

Carpenter contributes an RBI single in the 6th and Lowrie HR’s in the 7th as Blazers win 7-4.

WP Iwakuma (11-4)

LP Chen (8-10)

S KRod (23)



Game 4:  Garcia @ Warren

Infidels score 3 in the first, 5th and 6th innings and Garcia is dominant for 6 with Maurer even more dominant for 3 innings as Ravenswood earns the split 9-2.

WP Garcia (7-5)

LP Warren (5-5)

S Maurer (1)




Blazers Chapter 4 Recap


Blazers go 10-14 in chapter 4 to end a record 33 chapter win streak.  When half of your starts are by guys who will not start on your playoff roster, you can expect a dreadful 4.31 team ERA.  Tanaka was pitcher of the chapter with 2 wins to lead the team.

When you rest your first baseman and others, you can expect a pitiful 740 OPS.  Peralta was hitter of the chapter with a 1.309 OPS with 6 HR (snubbed for OL hitter of the chapter) and 19 RBI.  Choo led the team with 20 RBI and continues to lead the league.


Blazers made 2 trades acquiring Felipe Rivero to solidify the bullpen and Mark Teixeira to add a stud hitter to the middle of the line up, with the Blazers giving up Mike Matuella and Tyler Anderson in the process.


The Blazers reaquire Rickie Weeks, with Connor Gillespie, Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Jose Pirela as free agents, cutting ties with Andrew Bailey, Daniel Nava, Brendan Ryan and Tyler Wilson.