Flagstaff @ New Milford


Outlaws visit Blazers for a 4 game home series.  Blazers need a sweep to advance their BDBL record consecutive chapter win streak to 32 chapters.


Game 1:  McHugh @ Kershaw

Bottom 1 and Carpenter leads off the home half reaching on an error.  After what would be the third out of the inning, Peralta doubles home Carpenter and Tulo singles home Peralta for a 2-0 Blazer lead.


Meanwhile, Kershaw is in cruise control, until the 7th where Springer leads off the frame with a solo shot.  Kershaw is otherwise dominant, allowing 3 hits and no walks in 7 IP with 9 K’s.  O’Day and KRod pitch scoreless frames to close out the Blazer win 2-1.

WP Kershaw (15-5)

LP McHugh (6-8)

S KRod (21)


Game 2:  Wood @ Tanaka


Tanaka was very inefficient only lasting 4.1 IP with 10 baserunners and 7 K’s but only allowing 3 runs.

Wood, was much, much worse.

A Tulo sac fly, Choo 2 RBI single and Lowrie HBP with the bases juiced put Flagstaff in an early first inning hole 4-0.

A Tulo HR in the bottom of the second pushed the Blazer lead to 6-0.

Bottom 4, a Choo sac fly make it 7-1.

A Paulson RBI single and ARod RBI double pull the Outlaws to 7-3 in the 5th but Carpenter crushes a ball to center to make it 8-3 in the bottom half.

A Choo 6th inning double made it 9-3 and a Betts 2 run bomb made it 11-3.

11-4 is your final.

WP Warren (5-4)

LP Wood (8-6)


Game 3:  Lackey @ Anderson

Bottom 2, a Carpenter 3 run bomb gives the home team the lead.

Top 3, with 2 outs, Flagstaff finally wakes up and scores 4 to take the lead, highlighted by a Goldy 3 run bomb.

Top 9, KRod on to keep the game close and he lays an egg, a significant egg, as Plouffe rips a 2 RBI double after Goldy was IBB’d with first base open.

That IBB probably lost the game, as a Betts RBI double and Raburn RBI groundout have the tying run at 3rd and winning run at second, but Tulo K’s to end the game, and the streak, 6-5.

WP Lackey (12-7)

LP Anderson (8-8)

S  Gregerson  (23)



Game 4:  Ross @ Quintana

2 in the first, and 2 in the second quickly make it 4-0 Outlaws.

Top 6, Quintana gives up 2 more and Blazer bats go quiet in a 6-2 loss.

WP Ross (11-8)

LP Quintana (9-7)



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