New York and New Milford


Home and home series starting in New York


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Sabbathia


Bunting for base hits, hitting and running, pinch hitting in the first inning, this series was vintage Doyle.


New York scores 3 in the first on a PH single by Surce.

2 more in the second on a bunt single and some bull shit.

Blazers get 4 hits to New York’s 13

New York wins 5-1.

WP Sabathia (7-8)

LP Kershaw (13-5)

S Wolf (2)


Game 2:  Iwakuma @ Hellickson


Blazers barely win 5-4.


WP Iwakuma (10-4)

LP Hellickson (5-6)

S KRod (19)


Game 3:  Rusin @ Anderson

Gyroko Grand Slam in the first 4-0 New York

Blazers rally late, but some dude named Torres, who has a real life 4+ ERA has a 1+ ERA in the BDBL.  New York holds on 8-6.

WP Rusin (5-5)

LP nderson (8-7)

S Torres (6)



Game 4:  Hudson @ Quintana


New York up 10-2 in the 4th and Hamilton suicide squeezes.  More hit and run bullshit and the Blazers get creamed 19-2.

WP Hudson (2-8)

LP Quintana (9-5)



After the game, NM GM was asked if there was a sense of urgency with the Blazers recent stretch of  poor play.

“Urgency?  I think it’s the opposite.  I think they are bored.  We have an 16 game lead.  We look over our shoulder and see nothing.  For miles, we see nothing.  Of course I want to play better.  I want to win 100 games to extend our record and right now this looks like only a 99 win team.  Sure I’m a little disappointed, but the real season doesn’t start for a few months.


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