Mississippi @ New Milford


Meatballs @ Blazers


Game 1:  Geltz @ Kershaw


Top 3, Rasmus takes Kershaw deep.  This game is fucking stupid.

Top 5, Cano lines a RBI single for a 2-0 Meatball lead.

Bottom 5, a Choo 2 RBI double and Johnson single give NM a 3-2 lead.

Top 6, McGee on the bump, because DMB has Kershaw throw a ton of pitches each fucking game, and a WP ties the game.

Top 7, a Castillanos RBI double and Mississippi has the lead again 4-3.

Bottom 7, a Robinson RBI single ties the game.

Bottom 8, Blazek on and his third pitch is drilled to right off of the bat of Peralta for a 3 run bomb.

Blazers win 7-4.

WP Warren (4-3)

LP Lowe (4-2)


Game 2:  Colome @ Tanaka

Top 1, a Tulo E leads to a Mississippi run.

Top 2, VMart goes yard for a 2-0 lead.

Bottom 2, a Johnson 2 RBI single ties the game.

Top 3, Castellanos goes yard for a 3-2 Mississippi advantage.

Bottom 5, Peralta and Tulo hit back to back RBI singles for a 4-3 Blazer lead.

Bottom 6, Carpenter scampers home on a WP.  5-3 NM.

KRod gets the meat sacks in order for a 5-3 Blazer win.

WP Tanaka (8-2)

LP Colome (2-7)

S KRod (18)



Game 3:  Samardjza @ Anderson


New Milford faces it’s first non-SUS pitcher this series.

With 2 outs in the first, Meatballs load the bases and score three on a bases clearing VMart double.

A WP and a Samardzija RBI single make it 5-0 Meatballs.

A Peralta 2 RBI double is marred by an injury in which he does not return for the series.

Bottom 6, Choo also leaves the series with an injury, as now the 3 and 4 hitters are gone from the Blazer line up.

Bottom 8, A Kelly Johnson PH HR pulls the Blazers within one run 5-4.

Without the best 2 hitters in the line up, Kimbral is able to work around a Carpenter 9th inning walk and secure the Meat sack 5-4 win .

WP Samardizja (9-8)

LP Anderson (8-6)

S Kimbral (18)


Game 4:  Gallardo @ Quintana


Gallardo has little trouble with the make shift Blazer line up minus Choo and Peralta.

Quintana is almost as good giving up only 1 run through 7.

Thornton and ODay make sure the 1-0 lead is insurmountable as they each give up a run in the 8th.

Kimbral has no problem in the 9th as Meatballs split 3-0 .

WP Gallardo (9-6)

LP Quintana(9-4)

S Kimbral (19)




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