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Blazers Bolster Roster With Deadline Deals


New Milford, AP


With the trade deadline looming and hot stove rumors swirling on multiple web sites, New Milford GM Anthony Peburn was in Hartford for Tyler Anderson’s possible last AAA start with the New Milford franchise as his name has been mentioned most in possible trades.

One trade that was leaked prior to the game was the addition of Felipe Rivero from Kansas City to strengthen the back of the bullpen for minor leaguer Mike Matuella.


Looking around the ballpark, multiple GM’s were present including Akron’s DJ Shepard and Western Kansas’s Rodney Wilkie.  With both teams having a FA first baseman it is assumed that New Milford is trying to upgrade at that position.  Akron would send back former MVP AGone and Western Kansas would send Mark Teixeira.


Anderson didn’t disappoint holding the opposition to one run in 6 IP.  Before the game, Anderson joked that he was thinking about tanking the start so he could stay with the Blazers.  “I have no control over what happens.  I’ve heard the rumors.  I just have to go out and pitch,”  he said.


After the game, Shepard was first to the owners box.  After a brief conversation and a hand shake, it was assumed that a trade was made for AGone and the crowd erupted as the handshake was shown on the jumbo-tron.  Then, Shepard stepped out and was seen trying to make multiple calls at once as Wilkie walked in.  Peburn and Wilkie seemed to exchange a few laughs and then Peburn called Shepard into the owners box again.  After a brief conversation the two laughed again and shook hands.  The press seemed puzzled as Peburn then called an immediate press conference.


“As you all know,” started Peburn, “we have added to our pen.  Rivero is another lefty who is back of the bullpen caliber.  We are sad to see a possible TOR talent like Matuella go, but we needed another reliable arm for the pen.  Rivero is that.”


“But did you make another trade,” asked Norm Cummings of the New Milford Spectrum.  “We saw some handshakes and we are confused.  Is it multiple trades?  A three team trade?”


“I was confused at first as well, Norm,” said Peburn.  “We offered Tyler Anderson to Western Kansas for Teixeira and to Akron for AGone.  They were straight up offers and it was first come, first served.  Akron came first.”


“So we have AGone?  That’s huge!” exclaimed Cummings.


“This is where it gets tricky,” shared Peburn.  “DJ Shepard let us know that he did not want any minor leaguers as his roster was full.  He asked for Saunders, as did everyone we contacted.  As you all know that is just a silly request.  We replied with Tyler Anderson and he said he’d think it over.  When we saw both GM’s at the park today, we knew they were both serious.  When DJ came up to the box, he said he was leaning towards our offer, as he likes pitchability guys.”


“So you traded for Teixeira then?” asked Sam Dickwad of the Salem ‘Tippers fan blog.


“Sam, how did you get in here?   I told security not to let you in.  You usually just eat all the free sandwiches, ask a dumb question and leave. But since you asked, here is the rest of the story.  DJ then stepped out to finalize some other trades.  In walked Rodney Wilkie, who was excited by what he just saw from Anderson and wanted to pull the trigger.  Since DJ was first to respond, I had to pull him off of his cell phone to ask if he wanted to do this deal.  DJ said he was leaning towards it but was torn.  I said I need an answer as if it’s not AGone it’s Teixeira.  He responded by telling us to not let him hold up any deal.  So I now announce that Mark Teixeira will now be manning first base and batting in the middle third of the order.  We wish Anderson well in his young career, but feel Tex provides not only depth to our line up but also gets us out of the usage problems that has led to quite a few losses.”


Kopech hits 105 MPH in third start of season



Making his third start of the season after injury, Kwick starter Michael Kopech threw one of the fastest pitches in recorded history hitting 105 MPH on both the stadium gun and a scout from the EL.  “It’s not like he just rears back and doesn’t know where it’s going,” beamed NM GM Anthony Peburn.  “The kid was SITTING at 98 all night.  He threw a few 101’s.  But 105, damn.”

The Blazers, who are as usual competing for a BDBL title have already turned down an offer for Kopech.  “S-T-U-D,” said Peburn.  “105 needs a hefty return.  This kid could pitch in our pen next year, but we want to develop him as a starter.  It’s tempting to rush him, but developing his secondary stuff a little more makes him a TOR starter.”

The future is bright with Kopech.

Flagstaff @ New Milford


Outlaws visit Blazers for a 4 game home series.  Blazers need a sweep to advance their BDBL record consecutive chapter win streak to 32 chapters.


Game 1:  McHugh @ Kershaw

Bottom 1 and Carpenter leads off the home half reaching on an error.  After what would be the third out of the inning, Peralta doubles home Carpenter and Tulo singles home Peralta for a 2-0 Blazer lead.


Meanwhile, Kershaw is in cruise control, until the 7th where Springer leads off the frame with a solo shot.  Kershaw is otherwise dominant, allowing 3 hits and no walks in 7 IP with 9 K’s.  O’Day and KRod pitch scoreless frames to close out the Blazer win 2-1.

WP Kershaw (15-5)

LP McHugh (6-8)

S KRod (21)


Game 2:  Wood @ Tanaka


Tanaka was very inefficient only lasting 4.1 IP with 10 baserunners and 7 K’s but only allowing 3 runs.

Wood, was much, much worse.

A Tulo sac fly, Choo 2 RBI single and Lowrie HBP with the bases juiced put Flagstaff in an early first inning hole 4-0.

A Tulo HR in the bottom of the second pushed the Blazer lead to 6-0.

Bottom 4, a Choo sac fly make it 7-1.

A Paulson RBI single and ARod RBI double pull the Outlaws to 7-3 in the 5th but Carpenter crushes a ball to center to make it 8-3 in the bottom half.

A Choo 6th inning double made it 9-3 and a Betts 2 run bomb made it 11-3.

11-4 is your final.

WP Warren (5-4)

LP Wood (8-6)


Game 3:  Lackey @ Anderson

Bottom 2, a Carpenter 3 run bomb gives the home team the lead.

Top 3, with 2 outs, Flagstaff finally wakes up and scores 4 to take the lead, highlighted by a Goldy 3 run bomb.

Top 9, KRod on to keep the game close and he lays an egg, a significant egg, as Plouffe rips a 2 RBI double after Goldy was IBB’d with first base open.

That IBB probably lost the game, as a Betts RBI double and Raburn RBI groundout have the tying run at 3rd and winning run at second, but Tulo K’s to end the game, and the streak, 6-5.

WP Lackey (12-7)

LP Anderson (8-8)

S  Gregerson  (23)



Game 4:  Ross @ Quintana

2 in the first, and 2 in the second quickly make it 4-0 Outlaws.

Top 6, Quintana gives up 2 more and Blazer bats go quiet in a 6-2 loss.

WP Ross (11-8)

LP Quintana (9-7)


New Milford and Kansas City


Blazers play a home and home series with Kansas City.


Game 1:  Ventura @ Kershaw


Bottom 1, Kelly Johnson lines a 2 out 2 RBI single followed by a 3rd inning Peralta RBI single and Johnson RBI groundout.

Meanwhile, Kershaw is looking like the Kershaw expected.

Until the 6th.

Top 6, Boulevards hit 5 straight singles to start the inning.  Off of Clayton Kershaw.  He then buckled down with a K and GIDP to end the threat holding a 4-2 lead.

Blazers win the opener 5-3.

WP Kershaw (14-5)

LP Ventura (7-4)

S KRod (20)


With the win Kershaw ties the immortal Andy Pettitte for 8th on the all time wins list at 158.


Game 2:  Corbin @ Tanaka


Bottom 1, Raburn hits his 3rd HR of the year for a 1-0 lead.

Bottom 2, Blazers strike for 4 more on a Tanaka RBI double, Carpenter RBI single and Raburn 2 RBI double.

A 5th inning Choo single is followed by a Peralta 2 run bomb and Choo RBI triple later in the game as Blazers roll 9-2

WP Tanaka (9-2)

LP Corbin (0-2)


Game 3:  Anderson @ Happ

Series shifts to KC and the home team goes up early in the first on a Prado RBI single

Blazers tie it in the second on a Choo solo shot.

Top 4, Blazers go up 2-1 on a Ryan RBI single.

Boulevards tie it on a 5th inning Alther RBI triple.

Bottom 9, Warren on for his third inning of work and with 2 outs, the thought crossed my mind to walk Rodgers, as his RH split could hurt me. Of course I 1-1’d him and hit cranked one deep to left to give KC the walk off win.

WP Tolleson (3-2)

LP Warren (4-4)



Game 4:  Quintana @ Kazmir


KC scores 2 in the first on Morales RBI single and Altherr RBI double.

Top 2, Nava singles up the middle scoring one but Quintana is gunned at home.

Top 9, Tolleson on for his second inning of work and having thrown 11 pitches the game before and having gotten out of a bases loaded jam including a runner at third with one out the inning before gets the Blazers 1-2-3 for the win.

WP Kazmir (9-7)

LP Quintana (9-6)

S Tolleson (21)


Blazers are in serious jeopardy of having their record chapter win streak end with one series left against a tough Flagstaff squad.


New York and New Milford


Home and home series starting in New York


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Sabbathia


Bunting for base hits, hitting and running, pinch hitting in the first inning, this series was vintage Doyle.


New York scores 3 in the first on a PH single by Surce.

2 more in the second on a bunt single and some bull shit.

Blazers get 4 hits to New York’s 13

New York wins 5-1.

WP Sabathia (7-8)

LP Kershaw (13-5)

S Wolf (2)


Game 2:  Iwakuma @ Hellickson


Blazers barely win 5-4.


WP Iwakuma (10-4)

LP Hellickson (5-6)

S KRod (19)


Game 3:  Rusin @ Anderson

Gyroko Grand Slam in the first 4-0 New York

Blazers rally late, but some dude named Torres, who has a real life 4+ ERA has a 1+ ERA in the BDBL.  New York holds on 8-6.

WP Rusin (5-5)

LP nderson (8-7)

S Torres (6)



Game 4:  Hudson @ Quintana


New York up 10-2 in the 4th and Hamilton suicide squeezes.  More hit and run bullshit and the Blazers get creamed 19-2.

WP Hudson (2-8)

LP Quintana (9-5)



After the game, NM GM was asked if there was a sense of urgency with the Blazers recent stretch of  poor play.

“Urgency?  I think it’s the opposite.  I think they are bored.  We have an 16 game lead.  We look over our shoulder and see nothing.  For miles, we see nothing.  Of course I want to play better.  I want to win 100 games to extend our record and right now this looks like only a 99 win team.  Sure I’m a little disappointed, but the real season doesn’t start for a few months.

Mississippi @ New Milford


Meatballs @ Blazers


Game 1:  Geltz @ Kershaw


Top 3, Rasmus takes Kershaw deep.  This game is fucking stupid.

Top 5, Cano lines a RBI single for a 2-0 Meatball lead.

Bottom 5, a Choo 2 RBI double and Johnson single give NM a 3-2 lead.

Top 6, McGee on the bump, because DMB has Kershaw throw a ton of pitches each fucking game, and a WP ties the game.

Top 7, a Castillanos RBI double and Mississippi has the lead again 4-3.

Bottom 7, a Robinson RBI single ties the game.

Bottom 8, Blazek on and his third pitch is drilled to right off of the bat of Peralta for a 3 run bomb.

Blazers win 7-4.

WP Warren (4-3)

LP Lowe (4-2)


Game 2:  Colome @ Tanaka

Top 1, a Tulo E leads to a Mississippi run.

Top 2, VMart goes yard for a 2-0 lead.

Bottom 2, a Johnson 2 RBI single ties the game.

Top 3, Castellanos goes yard for a 3-2 Mississippi advantage.

Bottom 5, Peralta and Tulo hit back to back RBI singles for a 4-3 Blazer lead.

Bottom 6, Carpenter scampers home on a WP.  5-3 NM.

KRod gets the meat sacks in order for a 5-3 Blazer win.

WP Tanaka (8-2)

LP Colome (2-7)

S KRod (18)



Game 3:  Samardjza @ Anderson


New Milford faces it’s first non-SUS pitcher this series.

With 2 outs in the first, Meatballs load the bases and score three on a bases clearing VMart double.

A WP and a Samardzija RBI single make it 5-0 Meatballs.

A Peralta 2 RBI double is marred by an injury in which he does not return for the series.

Bottom 6, Choo also leaves the series with an injury, as now the 3 and 4 hitters are gone from the Blazer line up.

Bottom 8, A Kelly Johnson PH HR pulls the Blazers within one run 5-4.

Without the best 2 hitters in the line up, Kimbral is able to work around a Carpenter 9th inning walk and secure the Meat sack 5-4 win .

WP Samardizja (9-8)

LP Anderson (8-6)

S Kimbral (18)


Game 4:  Gallardo @ Quintana


Gallardo has little trouble with the make shift Blazer line up minus Choo and Peralta.

Quintana is almost as good giving up only 1 run through 7.

Thornton and ODay make sure the 1-0 lead is insurmountable as they each give up a run in the 8th.

Kimbral has no problem in the 9th as Meatballs split 3-0 .

WP Gallardo (9-6)

LP Quintana(9-4)

S Kimbral (19)