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New Milford @ Ravenswood


Blazers continue chapter 4 road trip at Ravenswood.


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Scherzer


Bottom 1, Beltre goes yard off of Kershaw and bottom 2, McCann does the same.  Kershaw gave up 15 HR last year in BDBL.  The solo shot to McCann was the 16th given up this year in half the innings.


Top 5, Castro goes yard to pull the Blazers within a run 2-1.


But Scherzer (8 IP, 4 H, 2 BB 10 K) is just too much in a Ravenswood 2-1 win.

WP Scherzer 12-5

LP Kershaw 13-4

S Morrow (1)



Game 2:  Iwakuma @ Odorizzi


Top 3, All Stars Carpenter with a RBI double, Betts with a RBI single and Choo with a RBI double give New Milford a 3-0 lead.

Top 9, Blazers up 4-0 and McCann rips a RBI single, Carpenter with a RBI single and Choo with a RBI groundout are more than enough for Iwakuma (7 IP, 2 H, 1 BB, 5 K) and the Blazers to even the series 7-0.

WP Iwakuma (9-4)

LP Odorizzi (5-7)


Game 3:  Anderson @ Garcia

A Betts solo shot and Choo 2 RBI double give the Blazers a quick 3-0 first inning lead.

A McCann RBI double in the 4th push the Blazer lead to 4-0 .

Meanwhile Anderson is rolling.

Then, bottom 5, this really happened:

Byrd, BB

Casali IF single

Kipnis single

Valencia BB

Fowler single

VanSlyke IF single

Beltre double

Sieman BB

Ruff groundout.  Yes, the Infidels almost batted around without recording an out.  Fucking stupid.  6-4 Infidels.

Bottom 6, Beltre with a RBI double (Skiz was telling me how much he has sucked before the game)

Rav wins7-4.


WP Rodrigues (7-2)

LP Anderson (8-5)

S Soria (5)



Game 4:  Quintana @ Chen

I always think of Bruce Chen, for some reason


Top 3, Raburn RBI double gives New Milford a 1-0 lead which is matched in the bottom half by a Semien RBI single.


Top 4, McCann with a 2 run bomb is matched by a Valencia RBI groundout in the 4th and Semien RBI single in the 5th.

Top 6, McCann’s second HR of the game gives NM a 4-3 lead.

Top 7, Peralta with a 2 run bomb makes it 7-3 Blazers.

Blazers split the series with a 7-3 win.

WP Quintana (9-3)

LP Chen (6-8)


Blazers are at 3-5 on the chapter.




Blazer septet make all star team

New Milford AP

A record seven members of the 2016 New Milford Blazers have made the mid summer classic. Outfielders Shin Soo Choo and David Peralta will be flanked by third baseman Matt Carpenter in the starting line up. Choo is leading the league in RBI and OPS and second in batting.  Peralta is third in batting and third in RBI while Carpenter is first in runs scored and second in OPS.


CF Mookie Betts joins his outfield mates on the team leading the league in doubles, fifth in hits, second in runs scored and fourth in steals. Staff ace Kershaw makes another all star team tied for the league lead in wins as well as Tanaka (league leader in ERA and all three triple slash categories) and closer KRod  (17 saves)


The team will be managed by Bear Country skipper Matt Clemm.

New Milford @ Bear Country


Blazers travel to play upstart Jamboree


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Price


Fresh off of a no-hitter by Matt Harvey, David Price tries to make it back to back.

Bottom 5, Fielder and Johnson lead off with singles and are sacrificed over.  Ramos lines a single scoring Fielder but Johnson is gunned at home.  1-0 Bear

Bottom 6, a Braun single scores Pillar, 2-0 Bear.

Top 7, Raburn leads off with a single to break up the no-no.  Tulo is then HBP but a double play ball gets the Bear out of it.

Blazers manage ONE hit in Bear Country’s opening 2-0 win.

WP Price (5-8)

LP Kershaw (13-3)

S Ramos (21)

I can now count on ONE FINGER the number of dominant starts Kershaw has had in 21 attempts.


Game 2:  Iwakuma @ Richards

A first inning Peralta double and Tulo groundout give the Blazers a 2-0 lead.

Bottom 1, “first baseman” Clint Robinson commits 2 errors leading to 5 Bear runs.

Bottom 2, a Belt RBI single makes it 6-2 Bear.

Top 3, a WP, groundout and Peralta HR cut the Bear lead to 6-5.

Bottom 7, Bear tack on 3 on a bunch of bull shit. 9-5 Bear.

Top 8, Choo with a sac fly makes it a save situation for the Bear in the 9th, 9-6.

Top 9, Kelly Johnson singles and moves to second on a one out widl pitch.  Ryan walks and Ramos is called in to face McCann.  Dietrich PH’s and lines a single to load the bases.  Carpenter draws a walk to make it 9-7 with the tying run on second with one out.  Betts grounds to short but hustles to first, beating the DP and bringing the Blazers within one run.  Choo draws a walk to reload the bases but Peralta pops as the comeback bid falls short.

WP Richard (6-2)

LP Iwakuma (8-4)

S Clippard (2)


Game 3:  Anderson @ Volquez

After a seemingly uneventful first inning we lose connection.  We reconnect to learn the Anderson was hurt at the end of the first inning, walking off the field trying to find a hot dog vendor.  That’s great, as I just used my long man for 3 innings the game before.


ANYWAYS, Blazers score 17 runs on 16 hits lead by Choo’s HR and 4 RBI and Robinson’s HR and 3 RBI.

I tried to conserve some usage by using ODay for a few batters, then moving him to second base and having Dietrich pitch.  Dietrich gave me 0.2 scoreless with 2 hits, but was injured and lost for game 4.  Blazers win 17-2.

WP Albers (3-0)

LP Volquez (8-6)


Game 4:  Quintana @ Harvey


IF anyone thinks DMB doesn’t decide who wins before a single pitch is cast, then you are an asshole.  As if the pitching matchup wasn’t enough, Carpenter followed Anderson and Dietrich to the locker room with an injury, leaving Brendan Ryan to play second.  This is like  a mouse fighting a lion with one hand tied behind it’s back.  Fucking stupid.


A 6th inning Dozier RBI single is followed by a Belt RBI double and it’s 2-0 Bear.

Bottom 9, Castro and Choo draw walks with one out.  Cotts, who pitched a ton and should be fairly tired, comes on to get Peralta, Blazers counter with Raburn and Cotts throws a double play ball as the Bear escape and take the series 3-1.

WP Harvey (9-5)

LP Quintana (8-3)

S Cotts (2)




Blazers gets “relief” in mid season draft


New Milford AP


Thursday night was a big night in the BDBL, as the mid season farm and free agent draft took place.  New Milford, with the second best record in the BDBL, drafted 23rd out of 24 teams.  “It’s very difficult drafting at the bottom of the draft every year,” explains GM Anthony Peburn.  “You go into the draft with a certain strategy and then abort all your plans as they blow up in your face.”  This years draft was no different, he explained.


Seth Beer, the dynamic Freshman OF from Clemson was the first pick taken by the Slyme.  “We had Beer and Tyler O’Neil (who went 10th) at the top of our list,” said Peburn.  “We knew neither would slide but were hoping guys who could help immediately as next year would, such as Robbie Grossman and Junior Guerra.”  No dice, as Ravenswood and Flagstaff grabbed the top two free agents before Peburn even started stretching to walk to the podium.


Thursday night we got an exclusive look into the Blazers war room to see the magic that keeps churning out winners.  “We have a master list, with multiple sub-lists,” boasts Peburn.  “We have a list of free agents, farm eligible players who can help next year, and farm eligible players with future potential.  Each list is separated into hitters and pitchers.  Then we have a board with our potential cuts from the 35 man and the farm.  As we draft guys, we slide them onto our new roster.”


Before pick 23 was called, Peburn moved a guy from the “cut” list back to the active roster.  “We were planning on grabbing Hernan Perez late and sticking him on our active roster THIS year to play against lefties and dropping Brendan Ryan, who has NO future potential.”  That plan was blown up when Perez surprisingly went in the first round.  When Chris Herrmann went to Cleveland picks before New Milford, Peburn let out a groan.  “I was planning on taking him in the third round.  I fucking HATE this time of year.”


When pick 23 arrived, the first name on the master list was Harrison Bader.  “We are NOT drafting Harrison Bader,” proclaimed Peburn.  We lost out on a guy who can start next year, and there is only one other guy who can start.  Plus lots of “immediate” guys are coming off of the board, so we are taking Chris Devenski.”  Devenski is a swing man who Peburn envisions as an Adam Warren type for next year.  “A very valuable piece for a contender.”


Of course, Bader went 2 picks later, as well as then next guy on the immediate pitching list Ryan Buchter.  When pick 23 in round 2 came up, there were a bunch of relievers at the top of the immediate farm and FA boards.  “I’m pissed we lost out on Solis (who went to Salem) but there is a very like lefty reliever in Jerry Blevins who will probably be there in round three.  So lets grab a hitter from the farm future board who also has a chance to contribute soon.  Let’s re-acquire  Brett Eibner.” Eibner has some power and can play the OF well.  A right handed bat, he can contribute some as a reserve OF next year.


When pick 23 in round 3 rolled around, Blevins was still on the board as Peburn predicted.  “Finally I got something right here,” smiled Peburn.  “Let’s take the only guy left on the board with a sub 2.00 CERA and select Jerry Blevins.”  While Blevins lacks the upside of Buchter and Solis, he is a solid bullpen piece for next year.


In round 4, Peburn again called an audible.  “Still quite a few relievers on the board.  We will probably land some, as quite a few teams have finished drafting.  Let’s take another guy from the farm future list who also has a chance to contribute soon.  We will take JaCoby Jones.” Jones is a converted SS who can play CF and has some pop currently with a 900+ OPS.  “We are aware of his off field issues and are pretty sure he is not going to pull an Elijah Dukes on us.”


In round 5, Peburn stayed true to the master list.  Hunter Cervenka is a lefty specialist who does not completely suck against righties.  “If it pans out, having a few guys on your roster at 100K allows you to go out and grab the few guys you need,” Peburn explains.


Round 6 was the last of Peburn’s audibles.  “I’m pissed we lost out on Suarez in round 4 (by three picks to Bear Country) so I want to take a gamble on one more guy who may be able to help our starting rotation next year.” That gamble was lefty Tyler Anderson.  Anderson has some pedigree and is major league ready.  “Sometimes these moves pan out, sometimes they are cut in 6 weeks.  That’s the fun of it.”


Peburn then made another procedural move, shifting Richie Shaffer from the farm roster to the 35 man.  “We had two 35 man spots and only one guy worth drafting, so we made a move.  This will also allow us to maybe cut a farm guy down the road and add a 35 man guy by shifting him back.”


By the time round 7 came around, only New Milford and New York were left drafting.  Peburn selected reliever Matt Bowman.  He’s a righty and a groundballer.  Interesting guy.


Round 8 was the last 35 man spot, taken by veteran reliever Andrew Bailey.  “We met with Andrew before the draft and he was OK with a minor league deal while he rehabs and will get a shot in spring training next year.”


New Milford selected lefty Buddy Boshers in round 9.  “A good arm, but I love the name.  I really hope he makes the team next year.”


In round 10, New Milford wanted one more hitter with upside and selected CJ Hinojosa.  A SS who may eventually move to 2B, he has been on the Blazers radar for years.


“All in all this was a great draft. Not at all how we scripted it, but it never is.  We have lots of interesting guys and hopefully some good, cheap value that can blend with the veterans next year.”  All players will report to AAA Hartford and play for the Illuminati except for Hinojosa, who will play for the A ball Kwick.


Getting pink slips were Luis Sardinas, Trevor Brown, Colin Walsh, Drew Stubbs, Garin Cecchini, Malquin Canelo, Kyle Kubitza, Chris Betts, Matt Krook, and Martin Maldonado.





New Milford Chapter 3 Review



The New Milford Blazers finish Chapter 3 at 18-6 and complete interleague play with a sparkling 12-4 record, adding to it’s record dominance over the Eck League in the past decade.


Pitcher of the Chapter was Clayton Kershaw who was 5-0 and has won 10 straight decisions.  “We expect him to start dominating in the second half, as he has the wins, but not the peripherals,” explains GM Anthony Peburn.  Jose Quintana was 3-0 with a 2.29 ERA and Brett Anderson was 2-1 with a 1.61 ERA.  As a team, the Blazers pitched to a 2.59 ERA and a .629 OPS against and 1.10 WHIP.


Hitter of the Chaper was David Peralta, who lead the team with 5 HR and 23 RBI while slashing 313/344/566.  Mookie Betts went off for 340/409/610 with a team leading 21 runs and was 6-0 in SB.

At 58-22, the Blazers have an 18 game lead in the division and would have to be 6 games worse each of the next 3 chapters than either the ‘Tippers, ‘Buffs, or Lightning, so Blazers fans can pop the corks at the half way point.




Los Altos @ New Milford


Undertakers @ New Milford

The best road record in the BDBL visits the best home record in the BDBL.


Game 1:  Archer @ Kershaw


Top 4, SUS Corey Seager triples with one out and scores on a sac fly by Rizzo to put Los Altos up 1-0.

Bottom 5, Blazers take a 2-1 lead on a Carpenter RBI single and a Betts RBI double.

After 5.2, Kershaw takes an early shower with a random injury, preventing a possible QS by 0.1 IP.

1.1 of McGee, 1.1 of Furbush and KRod preserve the Blazer 2-1 win.

WP Kershaw (13-2)

LP Archer (8-2)

S KRod (17)



Game 2:  Sale @ Tanaka


A Lowrie second inning solo shot gives NM a 1-0 lead.

An Arenado RBI double and Seager RBI single put Los Altos up 2-1 in the third.

Top 5, Rizzo launches a 3 run bomb for a 5-1 Los Altos lead.

Bottom 9, Kelly Johnson PH’s a solo shot and Greg Garcia singles bringing the tying run to the on deck circle with 2 outs, but Carpenter pops up to end the Los Altos 5-2 win.


WP Sale (12-2)

LP Tanaka (7-2)


Game 3:  Cole @ Iwakuma

A Choo first inning RBI single is followed by a Peralta 3rd inning RBI single for a quick 2-0 Blazer lead.

Top 4, an Arenado RBI double and Seager RBI single tie the game

Top 7, a Turner PH RBI double is followed by a Panik safety squeeze and a Brantley 2 RBI double.  Los Altos in control 6-2.

Top 8, with 2 outs, a single, double, E5, and Bautista 3 run bomb put the game away for Los Altos 10-2.


WP Cole (9-4)

LP Iwakuma (8-3)


Game 4:  Gibson @ Warren

Top 3, Vogt sac fly plates a run for a 1-0 Taker lead.

Top 4, Takers score 3 more, with 2 outs, on an Arenado HR, Heyward RBI single and Vogt RBI single for a 4-0 Los Altos lead.

Bottom 8, Los Altos in cruise control up to this point but Blazes fight back on a Betts double, Choo RBI triple, and Peralta RBI single with no outs.  Manship ends the threat coming on and getting a DP and a groundout.

Bottom 9, Clint Robinson greats closer Giles with a solo shot pulling the Blazers within one run.  Greg Garcia doubles over Bautista’s head putting the tying run on second base.  Castro flew out advancing the tying run to third with one out.  Then Carpenter, who ended the Blazer rally in a bad way in game two with a pop up plates Garcia, and himself, after depositing a 2-0 fastball in the upper deck in right giving the Blazers an improbable come from behind 5-4 win.

WP KRod (1-1)

LP Giles (2-2)

New Milford ends Chapter One at 58-22 and goes 18-6 on the chapter.