New Milford @ Vegas (Ch 3)

Blazers travels to Vegas to take on the Pink Birds


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Haren


Home team gets on the board first in the third on a Garcia single but Butler is gunned at home limiting the damage to 1 run.

Down 1-0, Blazers strike for 3 in the 4th on a Peralta 2 run jack and Kelly Johnson solo shot for a 3-1 lead.

Top 5, Peralta and Tulo hit back to back sac flies for a 5-1 lead.

A 7th inning Peralta RBI double gives the Blazers a 6-1 edge

A Raburn RBI double, Tulo RBI single and Shaffer 2 run bomb round out the scoring in a Blazer 10-2 rout

WP Kershaw (12-2)

LP Haren (5-5)



Game 2:  Tanaka @ Jungman

A Lindor first inning groundout gives the home team another early lead.

Bototm 7, a Blanco RBI double pushes the lead to 2-0.

Top 9, Blazers bring the tying run to the plate but Shaffer grounds into a double play giving the Pink Birds a 2-0 win .

WP Jungmann (4-3)

LP Tanaka (7-1)

S Webb (3)


Game 3:  Anderson @ Peavy

A first inning Peralta HR puts New Milford up 2-0.

Pinkies cut the lead in half with a Lindor RBI double in the bottom half

Blazers push the lead to 4-1 in the third on a Betts sac fly and Choo RBI single.

Vegas cuts the lead to 4-2 in the bottom half on Butler RBI single.

Bottom 5, a Lindor RBI single cut the Blazer lead to 1 run, 4-3.

Top 7, after Dietrich was gunned at home on a Garcia single, Tulo PH’s a  run bomb for a Blazer 6-3 lead.

Top 8, Betts launces a 2 run bomb and Shaffer hits a 2 run bomb.  9- 3 Blazers.

Top 9, a Carpenter double scores Tulo and 10-3 is how this one ends.

WP Anderson (8-4)

LP Peavy (3-3)


Game 4:  Quintana @ Porcello

Matt Carpenter leads off the game with a HR.

Pink Birds tie it up on a Reynolds RBI double in the second.

Top 6, with 2 outs, Robinson and Quintana with RBI singles for a 3-1 Blazer lead.

Bottom 6, Lindor with a 2 RBI double ties the ballgame.

Top 7, a Peralta RBI single, FC, and Garcia RBI single give the Blazers a 6-3 lead.

Bottom 7, a Reynolds HR to left cuts the lead to 6-4.

Bottom 9, KRod on for the save an it’s 1-2-3 for the Blazers 6-4 win and 3-1 series win.

WP Quintana (8-2)

LP Ramos (0-2)

S KRod (16)


Blazers move to 16-4 on the chapter and 56-20 overall with a date at home with Los Altos to finish the first half.


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