New Milford and Akron (Ch 3)

Blazers and Ryche (Ch 3)


New Milford continues the interleague schedule with a series vs Akron.


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Ramirez

Top 5, a Kershaw single and Castro GIDP give the Blazers a short lived lead as Tejeda and Grichuk go back to back in the bottom half to tie it.  (off of Kershaw, who is somehow not good this year)

Top 6, Choo HR’s to center for a 3-2 Blazer lead.

Top 7, a Choo 2 RBI single pushes the Blazer lead to 5-2.

Furbush, O’Day, McGee and KRod close the door to preserve the Blazer 5-2 win.

WP Kershaw (10-2)

LP Ramirez (2-4)

S KRod (14)

The win, Kershaw’s 154th of his career vaults him into the top 10 all time wins in the BDBL, tying him with the immortal Kevin Millwood.



Game 2:  Iwakuma @ Verlander

Might as well been Zoolander starting this one, as Verlander lasts 1.1 as Blazers score 7 with Peralta doing most of the damage with a 2 run HR and 2 run single.

Choo adds a RBI groundout and Peralta adds a sac fly as Iwakuma goes 8 in the Blazer 9-1 romp.

WP Iwakuma (8-2)

LP Verlander (6-3)


Game 3:  Heaney @ Anderson

A Raburn third inning single gives the Blazers a 1-0 lead.  Meanwhile, Brett Anderson fails to give up a hit.

Top 7, Morneau lines a single to right breaking up the no-no, but is erased on a DP.

A Choo RBI single and Betts 2 run bomb put the Blazes up 4-0, and that’s the final.

WP Anderson (7-3)

LP Heaney (7-4)


Game 4:  Ray @ Quintana

Top 2, Ryche actually take a lead with a Werth RBI single which  is immediately matched by a Maldonado RBI single.

Top 5, Akron takes another lead on a Morneau groundout which is also immediately matched by a Tulo  RBI single.




Bottom 12, Choo leads off with his THIRD triple of the game.  After fouling off three pitches, Robinson strokes a 0-2 fastball to center for the walk off 3-2 win.

WP Warren (3-3)

LP Brach (0-3)


The sweep puts New Milford at 10-2 on the chapter and guarantees another winning interleague season, which now spans 8 season.  The last losing interleague season New Milford has had was 2007.


New Milford is now 50-18 on the year,


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