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New Milford @ Vegas (Ch 3)

Blazers travels to Vegas to take on the Pink Birds


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Haren


Home team gets on the board first in the third on a Garcia single but Butler is gunned at home limiting the damage to 1 run.

Down 1-0, Blazers strike for 3 in the 4th on a Peralta 2 run jack and Kelly Johnson solo shot for a 3-1 lead.

Top 5, Peralta and Tulo hit back to back sac flies for a 5-1 lead.

A 7th inning Peralta RBI double gives the Blazers a 6-1 edge

A Raburn RBI double, Tulo RBI single and Shaffer 2 run bomb round out the scoring in a Blazer 10-2 rout

WP Kershaw (12-2)

LP Haren (5-5)



Game 2:  Tanaka @ Jungman

A Lindor first inning groundout gives the home team another early lead.

Bototm 7, a Blanco RBI double pushes the lead to 2-0.

Top 9, Blazers bring the tying run to the plate but Shaffer grounds into a double play giving the Pink Birds a 2-0 win .

WP Jungmann (4-3)

LP Tanaka (7-1)

S Webb (3)


Game 3:  Anderson @ Peavy

A first inning Peralta HR puts New Milford up 2-0.

Pinkies cut the lead in half with a Lindor RBI double in the bottom half

Blazers push the lead to 4-1 in the third on a Betts sac fly and Choo RBI single.

Vegas cuts the lead to 4-2 in the bottom half on Butler RBI single.

Bottom 5, a Lindor RBI single cut the Blazer lead to 1 run, 4-3.

Top 7, after Dietrich was gunned at home on a Garcia single, Tulo PH’s a  run bomb for a Blazer 6-3 lead.

Top 8, Betts launces a 2 run bomb and Shaffer hits a 2 run bomb.  9- 3 Blazers.

Top 9, a Carpenter double scores Tulo and 10-3 is how this one ends.

WP Anderson (8-4)

LP Peavy (3-3)


Game 4:  Quintana @ Porcello

Matt Carpenter leads off the game with a HR.

Pink Birds tie it up on a Reynolds RBI double in the second.

Top 6, with 2 outs, Robinson and Quintana with RBI singles for a 3-1 Blazer lead.

Bottom 6, Lindor with a 2 RBI double ties the ballgame.

Top 7, a Peralta RBI single, FC, and Garcia RBI single give the Blazers a 6-3 lead.

Bottom 7, a Reynolds HR to left cuts the lead to 6-4.

Bottom 9, KRod on for the save an it’s 1-2-3 for the Blazers 6-4 win and 3-1 series win.

WP Quintana (8-2)

LP Ramos (0-2)

S KRod (16)


Blazers move to 16-4 on the chapter and 56-20 overall with a date at home with Los Altos to finish the first half.


New Milford and Charlotte (Ch 3)

Blazers and Mustangs Ch 3


New Milford finishes interleague play with the team that swept them in their only WS appearance.


Game 1:  Teheran @ Kershaw


Bottom 5, Kershaw hits one high, far and gone to put the home team up 1-0.

Stangs tie it up in the 6th on a Lowrie RBI single.

Bottom 6, Robinson rips an 2 RBI double for a 3-1 lead.

Bottom 7, a Tulo HR pushes the lead to 5-1.

Top 9, Bradley doubles and with runners on and the tying run on deck, KRod is brought on.  A WP scores a run but Ramirez lines into a DP as Blazers prevail 5-2.

WP Kershaw (11-2)

Teheran (3-6)

S KRod (15)



Game 2:  Miley @ Anderson

A Lowrie first inning groundout puts Charlotte up 1-0.

Top 9, Suzuki with an RBI single and Ramirez with an RBI single give the Stangs some insurance.

Bottom 9, a Carpenter double and Raburn single put the tying runs on with one out, and Miley, who had been magnificent gives way to Robles to face MVP candidate Choo.  Choo grounds into a DP giving New Milford a rare home loss, 3-1.

WP Miley (3-7)

LP Anderson (7-4)

S Robles (10)



Game 3:  Tanaka @ Sanchez

a Dietrich 4th inning RBI double is followed by a 5th inning RBI groundout.

Meahwhile, Tanaka has given up no hits.

Top 6, Dietrich HR’s for a 4-0 lead.

Bottom 6, defensive starters Johnson, Robinson and Tulo, who were going to rest this series are brought in to shore up the D and preserve the no-no.

No hits through 6.

Top 7, a Betts 2 run bomb, Robinson 2 run double push the lead to 8-0.

Bottom 7, no hits for Charlotte.

Top 8, a Peralta single and Johnson walk bring in 2 more for a 10-0 lead.

Bottom 8, HanRam leads off the inning with a single to right.

Blazers win 10-0.

WP Tanaka (7-0)

LP Sanchez (2-11)


Game 4:  Quintana @ Hendricks

Top 1, a Peralta 2 run bomb is followed by a Dietrich solo shot for a 3-0 lead.

Bottom half,  Stangs get one back on a Miggy RBI double.

Top 4, reserve Greg Garcia HR’s to put New Milford up 4-1 and Choo makes it 6-1 with a 2 RBI single.

Top 7, a Peralta single and GIDP push the lead to 8-1 and then the rains come.  81 minutes later Quintana’s arm is stiff.

Bottom 8, Stangs load the bases with a BB and 2 E’s with no outs, but a double play ball and K limit the damage to 1 run.

Blazers win 8-3 and take the series 3 games to 1.

WP Quintana (7-2)

LP Hendricks (4-3)

S Warren (3)


Blazers finish interleague 13-3 carrying the OL on their backs for a 8th straight season.  Maybe this is the year the rest of the OL can clean up and win the yearly series.


Blazers are 53-19 on the season, 17 games up on Salem in the division with tilts against Vegas and home against Los Altos to finish the chapter.





New Milford and Akron (Ch 3)

Blazers and Ryche (Ch 3)


New Milford continues the interleague schedule with a series vs Akron.


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Ramirez

Top 5, a Kershaw single and Castro GIDP give the Blazers a short lived lead as Tejeda and Grichuk go back to back in the bottom half to tie it.  (off of Kershaw, who is somehow not good this year)

Top 6, Choo HR’s to center for a 3-2 Blazer lead.

Top 7, a Choo 2 RBI single pushes the Blazer lead to 5-2.

Furbush, O’Day, McGee and KRod close the door to preserve the Blazer 5-2 win.

WP Kershaw (10-2)

LP Ramirez (2-4)

S KRod (14)

The win, Kershaw’s 154th of his career vaults him into the top 10 all time wins in the BDBL, tying him with the immortal Kevin Millwood.



Game 2:  Iwakuma @ Verlander

Might as well been Zoolander starting this one, as Verlander lasts 1.1 as Blazers score 7 with Peralta doing most of the damage with a 2 run HR and 2 run single.

Choo adds a RBI groundout and Peralta adds a sac fly as Iwakuma goes 8 in the Blazer 9-1 romp.

WP Iwakuma (8-2)

LP Verlander (6-3)


Game 3:  Heaney @ Anderson

A Raburn third inning single gives the Blazers a 1-0 lead.  Meanwhile, Brett Anderson fails to give up a hit.

Top 7, Morneau lines a single to right breaking up the no-no, but is erased on a DP.

A Choo RBI single and Betts 2 run bomb put the Blazes up 4-0, and that’s the final.

WP Anderson (7-3)

LP Heaney (7-4)


Game 4:  Ray @ Quintana

Top 2, Ryche actually take a lead with a Werth RBI single which  is immediately matched by a Maldonado RBI single.

Top 5, Akron takes another lead on a Morneau groundout which is also immediately matched by a Tulo  RBI single.




Bottom 12, Choo leads off with his THIRD triple of the game.  After fouling off three pitches, Robinson strokes a 0-2 fastball to center for the walk off 3-2 win.

WP Warren (3-3)

LP Brach (0-3)


The sweep puts New Milford at 10-2 on the chapter and guarantees another winning interleague season, which now spans 8 season.  The last losing interleague season New Milford has had was 2007.


New Milford is now 50-18 on the year,

New Milford and Chicago (Ch 3)



Blazers and Blacksox Ch 3

Blazers continue interleague with a series against Chicago.


Game 1:  MadBum @ Kershaw

Two of the game’s top left handers and Chicago wastes no time scoring with a Harper RBI groundout in the first.


Top 3, Beltran’s double scores Harper and it’s 2-0 Chicago.

Bottom half, Lowrie doubles in Kershaw to cut the Blacksox lead to 2-1.

Top 4, MadBum homers off of Kershaw for a 3-1 Chicago advantage.

Bottom 5, Carpenter hits a 3 run bomb to give the Blazers a 4-3 lead.

Top 6, with 2 outs, Simmons singles and MadBum hits his second HR of the game off of Kershaw to give Chicago a 5-4 lead.

Bottom 7, Carpenter’s second HR of the game ties it, and a Tulo RBI single gives the Blazers the lead.

Top 8, newly acquired McGee on the bump and a Pagan RBI single and Kinsler RBI double have Chicago on top 8-7.

Bottom 9, Betts laces a 2 out single, but that’s as close as the Blazers would come as Chicago takes the opener 8-7.

WP Madson (3-1)

LP McGee (0-1)

S Uehara (9)



Game 2:  Leake @ Anderson

Anderson is great (7 IP, 6 H, 1 ER) with the only blemish first inning Longoria RBI single.

Leake is better (7 IP, 3 H, 0 ER)

Bottom 8, Cecil is brought on and RObinson leads off with a single and PH Raburn HRs for a Blazer 2-1 lead.

Top 9, Bryant and Dyson single, but KRod escapes the jam for a Blazer 2-1 win.

WP Furbush (2-1)

LP Cecil (3-3)

S KRod (13)



Game 3:  Warren @ Hamels

Series shifts to Chicago and the home team strikes first on a Bour 2 run bomb in the second.

Top 3, Peralta and Tulo with back to back RBI singles tie the game.

Bottom 3, a Simmons RBI single gives Chicago the 3-2 advantage.

a Harper bomb in the 5th makes it 5-2 Chicago.

A Tulo RBI single  in the 6th makes it 5-3.

Bottom half, Harper HR’s again, a 3 run shot and it’s 8-3 Chicago.

A Carpenter single and Betts sac fly pull NM to 8-5 in the 7th.

TOp 9, Uehara on for the save and Tulo and Dietrich single to bring the tying run to the plate. A Castro RBI single made it 8-6, but the Blazers do no more as Chicago wins 8-6.

WP Worley (1-1)

LP Warren (2-3)

S Uehara (10)



Game 4:  Quintana @ Morton

A first inning Choo 2 RBI triple and Peralta RBI groundout give the BLazers the early 3-0 lead.

A second inning Grandal RBI groundout is matched by a Peralta HR.  4-1 Blazers.

4th inning Castro HR and it’s 5-1 Blazers.

Top 5, a Zimmerman balk and Castro single make it 7-1 Blazers.

Blazers win 7-4 and secure the split.

WP Quintana (6-2)

LP Morton (4-5)


Blazers are 6-2 on the chapter. Harper goes off and drives in 7 of Chicago’s 19 RBI.  If I had a do over I’d walk him every time.  MadBum’s second HR off of Kershaw was stupid.




New Milford and Cleveland (Ch 3)


Blazers and Rocks (Ch 3)


New Milford starts Chapter 3 with an interleague series against first place Cleveland.


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Karns

A first inning Peralta RBI single is matched by a Moreland solo shot in the second.


Top 5, with 2 outs, Karns uncorks a WP to plate a run as Blazers take a 2-1 lead.  A Johnson single scores 2 more and a Robinson double plates Johnson.  Kershaw then helps his own cause by driving in Robinson with a single to put New Milford up 6-1.


Top 7, a Tulo HR gives the Blazers an 8-1 lead.  Blazers win the opener 8-3. 


WP Kershaw (9-2)

LP Karns (3-2)


The win ties Kershaw with Derek Lowe’s 153 career wins for 11th all time in the BDBL.


Game 2:  Tanaka @ Greinke


A Choo first inning RBI double and Robinson second inning solo shot put New Milford up 2-0 early.


Top 7, with 2 outs and Greinke still on the bump, Carpenter, and Betts line back to back RBI doubles, Choo hits an RBI single, Peralta hits a RBI triple, and Tulo hits an RBI double.  7-0 New Milford.  New Milford wins 7-0.


WP Tanaka (6-0)

LP Greinke (9-6)


Game 3:  Kluber @ Iwakuma

Series shifts to New Milford and through 7 innings, a Dietrich RBI groundout is the only scoring of the game giving New Milford a 1-0 lead.

Top 8, Warren on for New Milford and he immediately gives up a double by Bethencourt and a RBI single to Rojas to tie the game at 1.




Top 11, Kemp and Pham both hit RBI singles giving the Rocks a 3-1 lead.

Bottom 11, Choo walks and Tulo hits a one out single putting the tying runs on base off of Melancon.  A Kelly Johnson IF single loads the bases.  Bethancourt allows a run to score on a passed ball.  Robinson walks to load the bases and make a force at any base.  Castro draws a walk to tie the game.  With the bases loaded, Cleveland brings in Siegrist to face Carpenter, who draws a 4 pitch walk to win the game in walk off fashion for New Milford 4-3


WP Thornton (1-0)

LP Melancon (1-2)



Game 4:  deGroom @ Quintana


A Reyes second inning groundout puts Cleveland up 1-0.

A Choo RBI double ties the game at 1 in the 4th.

Top 5, Kemp’s 2 RBI double gives Cleveland a 3-1 edge.

Bottom 6, Dietrich’s 2 RBI triple ties the game at 3.

Bottom 8, Tulo rips a RBI double to give New Milford a 4-3 lead.

Top 9, Melky and Rojas lead off the inning off of KRod with singles, but Escobar, Philips and Gilespie go down in order preserving the Blazer 4-3 win and sweep over Cleveland.

WP Furbush (1-1)

LP Siegrist (1-2)

S KRod (12)


New Milford is 4-0 on the chapter and 44-16 on the year.  The 28 games above .500 ties the highpoint of the year.

New Milford put up a 2.03 ERA as 8 pitchers failed to give up a run.  Cleveland had a 5.40 team ERA.

New Milford hit 257/325/426 which bests Cleveland’s 274/312/336.