Mississippi Wins Ibanez Sweepstakes

New Milford (AP)


New Milford GM Anthony Peburn announced today that the Blazers have traded prized prospect 2B Andy Ibanez to the Mississippi Meatballs. “We have had some conversations this chapter with various teams,” stated Peburn.  “Some of the talks were arbitrage type deals, and some were to help us this year.”


New Milford adds left handed set up man Jake McGee and lefty prospect Sam Selman at a steep cost of prospects Andy Ibanez, and SP Amir Garrett with bullpen arm Aaron Thompson.  “Thompson has cost us at least three games by not doing his job,” fumed Peburn.  “We have always been intrigued by Jake and we are happy to add him to the late innings.  He will slot in nicely in front of KRod giving us another nasty late inning stopper for the playoffs.  We feel our pitching is set with what we have. We may add another bat at some point.  We wish Bart luck with his new prospects as they will surely make an impact in a year or two.”



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