New Milford @ Flagstaff (Ch 2)

New Milford @ Flagstaff Chapter 2


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Lackey


Blazers strike first in the first on a Carpenter lead off HR.

In the bottom half, Outlaws take the lead on a Martin 2 run bomb.

Choo goes yard in the third to give New Milford the lead back, 3-2.

Top 4, Robinson leaves the park for a 4-2 Blazer lead.

Top 5, Carpenter leads off an inning with a HR for a second time in the game and Choo launches a 2 run HR for the second time in the game.  7-2 NM.

Top 8, Tulo lines a RBI single and eventually scores on a ball four WP from second base and Blazers go up 9-2, which also happens to be the final score.

WP Kershaw (8-2)

LP Lackey (4-5)

S Treinen (1)

with the win Kershaw ties the immortal Greg Maddux for 12th place all time on the BDBL wins list at 152.



Game 2:  Tanaka @ McHugh


Johnson and Paulsen trade RBI singles for each team in the second to tie the score at 1.

Top 4, Johnson HR’s to put NM up 2-1.  Bottom half, Suarez ties it with a RBI single.

Top 8, Choo walks with the bases loaded and Peralta is HBP, forcing in another run, both off of Wilson, and it’s 4-2 NM.

KRod gets Flagstaff in the 9th for the Blazer 4-2 win.

WP Tanaka (5-0)

LP McHugh (2-3)

S KRod (11)



Game 3:  Iwakuma @ Ross


A Gordon RBI 3B is matched by a Betts solo shot in the 4th.

Top 6, Choo leads off with a HR, Robinson with a RBI single, Castro with a 2 RBI double,  Carpenter with a RBI double, Betts with a RBI double and Choo with a RBI single put NM up 8-1.  And that’s all Iwakuma (7 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 1 BB 6 K) would need.

WP Iwakuma (6-1)

LP Ross (2-5)



Game 4:  Quintana @ Wood

A second inning circus clown act with 2 outs of 1B, 1B, BB, 1B, WP, 1B put Flagstaff up 4-0.

Bototm 5, Reimold and Jones single to put the Outlaws up 6-0.

Top 7, Tulo and McCann hit RBI singles to pull NM to 6-2.

but they couldn’t get any closer.   Flagstaff wins 6-2 and avoids the sweep.

WP Wood (5-2)

LP Quintana (5-1)


New Milford moves to 16-4 on the chapter.





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