New Milford @ Salem (Ch 2)

New Milford @ Salem Chapter 2


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Strasburg


Coming into this game, Stephen Strasburg holds a regular season ERA against New Milford north of 6.  GM Mike Glander placed the runs given up by him a 5.5.  New Milford GM took the under noting that the Blazer bats were due to come back to earth.  They bet a beer at the next BDBL weekend that Peburn attends (which will be his first)

The starters lines?

Kershaw 6 IP, 0 ER, 5 H, 1 BB, 7 K

Strasberg 7 IP, 0 ER, 6 H, 0 BB, 10 K (Glander owes me a beer)

Bottom 7, O’Day on and he starts the inning serving up a single to Walker, a walk to d”Arnaud, a single to Shuck, and a 2 RBI double to Castro.  2-0 Salem.

Top 9, Recently called up Richie Shaffer singles to lead off the inning, but the next three Blazer batters go down in order to give Salem the 2-0 win and end the Blazers Goldbergian win streak.

WP Strasberg (1-2)

LP O’Day (1-1)

S Madson (4)


Game 2:  Iwakuma @ Fiers

Blazers strike for 2 in the first on a Shaffer 2 run bomb.

Bottom 4, a d’Arnaud RBI double cut the Blazer lead in half, 2-1.

Top 6, a Tulo sac fly and Iwakuma RBI single give NM a 4- 1 lead.

Bottom half, a Shaw RBI single pulls the Tippers within 2 runs, 4-2.

Up 5-2 in the bottom of the 9th, KRod gets the Tippers 1-2-3 for the New Milford 5-2 win.

WP Iwakuma (5-1) (7 IP, 2 ER, 11K)

LP Fiers (2-5)

S KRod (10)


Game 3:  Anderson @ Hutchison

Top 3, a Choo RBI single scores Betts and it’s 1-0 NM.

Anderson goes 6 IP with 0 ER and 4 H, 1 BB, and 9K.

Bottom 7, with 2 outs, d’Arnaud PH’s and launches a HR to left off of Warren to tie the game.

Bottom 8, Canha, rips a double scoring a run for a Salem 2- 1 lead.

Madson gets the Blazers in order in the 9th to preserve the Salem 2-1 win in which another bullpen meltdown led to a Blazer loss.

WP Petit (2-0)

LP Warren (2-2)

S Madson (5)



Game 4:  Quintana @ Iglesias

A Shaw first inning RBI single is negated by a Peralta HR and we’re tied at 1.

a third inning GIDP and Peralta double give New Milford a 3-1 lead.

Bottom half Cuddyer lines a double to pull the Cowpatties with within 1 run, 3-2.

Bottom 7, O’Day coughs up another lead as Upton goes yard to tie the game.

Bottom 8, Blazers coaching staff try to get cute and after Bryant leads off with a single, Aaron Thompson is brought on and K’s Walker and Bryant is cut down stealing second.  With 2 outs, New Milford elects to put the winning run on base by IBBing D’Arnaud to keep Thompson in the game.  Salem counters by PH with Ramirez and he draws a walk.  New Milford is then forced to bring in Albers and with the winning run on second base, Castro lines a single to give Salem the lead.  Just for good measure, Albers uncorks a WP and Salem goes up 2 runs, 5-3.

Top 9, Madson on the bump to close it out and Shaffer lines a single, followed by a Johnson single.  Matz comes on and Castro walks to load the bases.  Carpenter then walks to pull New Milford within one run.  Betts hits a sac fly to tie it but Salem escapes the inning.  If Albers were brought in to pitch to d’Arnaud, New Milford would be up 5-3 right now.

Bottom 9, KRod on for New Milford and Canha is HBP.  Upton pops up for the first out and Shuck grounds a single between first and second.  Canha goes for third and Choo airmails the ball into the press box allowing Salem to walk off 6-5 and hand New Milford it’s first series loss of the year, 6-5.

WP Petit (3-0)

LP KRod (0-1)

New Milford drops to 13-3 on the chapter and 33-11 overall






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