New Milford and Bear Country (Ch 2)

New Milford and Bear Country Chapter 2


Game 1:  Anderson @ Kershaw


Bottom 1, Carpenter leads off the home half of the game with a solo shot for a 1-0 Blazer lead.

Bottom 3, Betts leads off with a double, gets to third on a WP, and scampers home on another WP to put NM up 2-0.

Top 4, a Murphy RBI triple cuts the Blazer lead to 2-1.

Bottom 6, Carpenter lines a RBI single and Betts hits a sac fly for a 4-1 Blazer lead.

Sir Didi gets a RBI groundout to pull the Bear within 2 runs, 4-2 in the 7th.

Top 9, KRod is as cool as the other side of the pillow getting the Bear and preserving the Blazer 4-2 win.


WP Kershaw (7-2)

LP Anderson (2-4)

S KRod (8)



Game 2:  Young @ Iwakuma


A first inning Murphy single scores Pillar and the Bear go up 1-0.

Bottom 1, Dietrich rips a 2 RBI triple followed by a Lowrie RBI triple and it’s 3-1 Blazers.

Bottom 2, Choo rips a RBI double to make it 4-1 Blazers.

Top 4, Fielder launches a 2 run bomb to pull the Bear within 1 run, 4-3.

Top 6, a Dozier RBI single and Ramos RBI groundout give the Jamboree the lead, 5-4.

Top 7, Belt hit a well placed single for a 6-4 Bear lead.

Bottom 8, Carson Smith on to bridge the lead to AJ Ramos and this happened:

Robinson IF 1B

Johnson K

Castro 2B

Carpenter RBI single

Betts K

Choo 2 RBI single giving NM a 7-6 lead.

Peralta IBB

Dietrich RBI single and it’s 8-6 Blazers.

KRod on for the 9th and Pillar draws the lead off walk bring the tying run to the plate possibly three times.  Murphy K’s for the first out and Belt loops a single putting the tying runs on.  Braun flied out to left and PH Marisnick K’d as Blazers come from behind and sneak a win 8-6.


WP Treinen (1-0)

LP Smith (2-1)

S KRod (9)



Game 3:  Anderson @ Dickey

Series shifts to the Cave and a Choo first inning HR stake the Blazers to a 1-0 lead.

Bottom half, The Bear tie it up on a Braun RBI groundout.

Top 5, Kelly Johnson goes yard to left center for a 2-1 Blazer lead.  McCann lines a RBI single, Betts also with a RBI single and Choo with a 2 RBI double scores on an E on the next batter giving the Blazers a 7-1 lead.

Top 7, a Tulo double pushes the lead to 8-1.

Top 8 a Carpenter HR makes it 9-1.  Blazers win 10-2.



Game 4:  Quintana @ Harvey


A mismatch on paper, but a Peralta first inning HR puts New Milford up 2-0.

Bottom 2, Harvey hits a GRAND SLAM.  Yes, the pitcher Matt Harvey.  Bear fans finally have reason to high five and it’s 4-2 Bear.

Top 3, Peralta with a RBI groundout and it’s 4-3 Bear.

Top 5, Castro and Carpenter single but Betts grounds into a DP.  Choo walks and Peralta triples in two for a 5-4 lead.  Still 2 outs, and Dietrich rips a RBI double and Tulo singles in Dietrich for a 7-4 improbable Blazer lead.

Belt with the RBI single and the Blazer lead is cut to 7-5.

Bottom 7, Belt with another RBI single cut the Blazer lead to one, 7-6.

Top 8, a Castro sac fly makes it 8-6 New Milford.

Top 9, Tulo with a RBI single, and newly called up Greg Garcia with a RBI single and it’s 10-6 New Milford.  A score New Milford wins by.


WP Quintana (5-0)

LP Harvey (3-5)


New Milford moves to 12-0 on the chapter, and has won 16 in a row, 19 of the last 20, and 28 of the last 32 games played.

New Milford has a double dip with Salem and Flagstaff tomorrow, Granite State Monday night and finish the chapter Tuesday with Mississippi


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