Garrett, Kopech lauded by BBA

~New Milford (AP)

Two starting pitchers of the New Milford A ball affiliate Nestle Kwick were recently honored by Baseball America as being in the top 100 prospects of baseball.  “This is a great honor,” stated NM GM Anthony Peburn.  “After trading away the #2 prospect (Buxton), #8 prospect (Arcia), dropping the # 12 prospect (Snell), trading the #27 and #28 prospects (Williams and Berrios) along with #64 (Ortiz) and dropping #97 (Murphy) this farm system needed some good news.”

Lefty Amir Garrett was named the #73 prospect in all of baseball and young righty Michael Kopech was named the #89 prospect in baseball.  Both pitchers were told of the news boarding a flight headed to New Hampshire.  “It’s great,” said Garrett.  “We have some really good pitchers here and we are a close knit group.  We all hope to make it to the show together someday soon.  It is a big honor to be ranked Blazer pitchers following guys like Greinke, Kershaw, Anderson, Gio Gonzalez, Yovanni Gallardo, Matt Moore, etc.”garrett


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