New Milford @ Granite State (CH 1)


Blazers @ Lightning

New Milford continues their early season road trip with a venture up north to visit Granite State.
Game 1:  Kershaw @ Gray
The home team notches single tallies in the first, second and third innings courtesy of a Herrera RBI single, Gray RBI double and Herrera RBI single.  Yes, hitting stars Osdubel Herrera and Sonny Gray drove in 3 runs off of Clayton Kershaw.  Meanwhile the Blazers get 5 baserunners in the first three innings and score bupkis.
All in all, Blazers get 11 baserunners and score 0.  Lightning win 3-0.
WP Gray (1-1)
LP Kershaw (1-1)
S Jackson (1)
Game 2:  Tanaka @  Miller
Tanaka gives up a HR to Encarnacion to lead off the home half of the first.  That was Tanaka’s only baserunner for the 7 innings he pitched.
Top 6, Betts doubled and scored on a Choo single.  Choo stole second and scored on a Peralta single.  2-1 Blazers.
Bottom 9, K-Rod in for the save.  Yan Gomes PH’s for the pitcher to lead off the inning and HR’s to tie it.
Free Baseball.
Blazers get runners in the 10th, 11th and 12th innings but fail to capitalize.
Bottom 12, Furbush on and after a groundout, Frazier HR’s to left to walk off the Lightning 3-2.

WP Shreve (1-0)
LP Furbush (0-1)
BS KRod (2)

Game 3:  Warren @ Gonzalez

A Tulo GIDP in the first stake the Blazers to a 1-0 lead.

Bottom 2, hitting star JJ Hardy singles to tie it up.

Top 4, a Tulo solo shot, Choo RBI double and Carpenter RBI single make it 4-1 Blazers.

Top 6, a James McCann HR makes it 5-1 Blazers.

Lightning cut the lead to 5-2 in the 8th on an Encarnacion GIDP.

Bottom 9, with KRod having thrown 23 pitches in game 1, O’Day comes on and gives up a 1 out double to Bruce.  Thornton comes on and Flores singles bringing the tying run to the plate.  Marwin Gonzalez crushes one to left that is caught by Peralta.  Blazers escape 5-2.

WP Warren (1-0)
LP Gonzalez (1-1)
S Thornton (1)

Game 4:  Iwakuma @ Millone

Bottom 2, Marwin Gonzalez singles for a 1-0 Lightning lead.

Blazers score 3 in the third on a Mookie Betts 3 run bomb.

A Matt Carpenter single in the 4th pushes the Blazer lead to 4-1.

Top 5, Robinson rips an RBI double, Choo crushes a 3 run HR, and Betts launches his SECOND THREE RUN HR OF THE GAME to break it open.  11-1 Blazers.

Top 7, Betts hits his third HR of the game, this one of the solo variety.  Blazers win going away 12-1 to secure the split.

WP Iwakuma (1-0)
LP Millone (0-1)

Blazers are now at 4-4 and are 2 games behind the upstart Buffaloes who are 8-4.  At the post game press conference, GM Anthony Peburn was asked if he was concerned about the recent bullpen meltdowns and if there was a closer controversy in New Milford.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it is 8 whole games into the season,” stated Peburn.  “We should be 6-2 but are 4-4.  We got a little unlucky.  It happens.  We are 4-2 leading after 7, but have been leading after 7 in six of the eight games we’ve played.  We are 0-3 in 1 run games and 0-2 in extras.  On the bright side, we’ve outscored opponents by 14 runs, are averaging over 4 runs a game and have a team ERA of only 2.18.  We will be OK.  K-Rod is still our guy.  We will play some home games soon and turn this around.”

The Blazers are scheduled for a Sunday night tilt at home with the Kansas City Boulevards.


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