Ravenswood @ New Milford

Blazers host playoff bound Infidels.


Game 1:  Verlander @ Kershaw

As expected, both pitcher combine for 14.1 IP and allow 8 baserunners and no runs. (as that’s what aces do)

Top 10, with 2 outs, Grossman walked and Fowler (who is a machine) doubles him home.

Bottom 10, Castro and Carp single with 2 outs, but Betts K’s to end the game 1-0.

WP Thornburg (8-5)

LP Dull (6-3)

S Salas (2)


Game 2:  Odorizzi @ Tanaka

I believe I traded Oddorizzi to Bob, and Bob later traded Tanaka to me.

Anyway, A first inning Kipnis RBI double is matched by a Carp HR.

This it the last time in the game things matched.

Fowler rips 3 doubles and scores 3 runs, Kang and Pagan HR as Infidels kill Blazers 8-2.

WP Odorizzi (6-6)

LP Tanaka (13-8)


Game 3:  Rodriguez @ Quintana

The middle IF does it with 2 and 3 run bombs from Kinsler and Tulo and Quintana continues his CY/MVP performance with 6 IP, 3 H, 1 BB, 1 ER as Blazers win 6-1.

WP Quintana (16-6)

LP Rodriguez (6-7)


Game 4:  Pomeranz @ Moore

Bottom 6, with 2 outs and trailing 1-0, Saunders doubled in a run, Dietrich walks with the bases loaded, McCann rips a 2 run single and an error scores another run as Blazers lead 4-1.

Blazers go up 5-1 with a Grandy sac fly.

Top 8, and Dull on again to show he is the goat (not to be confused with GOAT) by giving up a 2 RBI triple to Miller and a RBI single to Belt.  5-4 Blazers.

Top 9, Kimbrel on to close it out and Kipnis HRs to tie it.  After back to back K’s, Kimbrel gives up back to back walks putting the winning run on second base, bue escapes his own jam with another K.


FREE Baseball again.

Bottom 11, Dietrich leads off with a double, moves to third with 2 outs and with Betts up with the game on the line again, trots home with a game winning RBI single.

WP Bowman (4-1)

LP Mauer (2-1)


New Milford @ Kansas City

New Milford travels to KC for some BBQ and baseball.


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Chacin

A first inning Kinsler basesloaded walk and Grandy bases loaded groundout put NM up 2-0.

A Betts RBI triple and Saunders 2 RBI triple highlight a 6 run outburst in the 4th.

Bottom 4, Duvall rips a 3 run bomb off of Kershaw.  I’m not even going to get into how absurd the HR’s vs Kershaw are this year.  It’s like trying to show a liberal their hypocrisy in tolerance.

A Freeman ,2 run double, Saunders 2 run bomb, and Kinsler RBI double round out the scoring in the 13-3 laugher.

WP Kershaw (10-2)

LP Chacin (6-12)

S Schugel (4)


Game 2:  Tanaka @ Corbin

After a Freeman 2 run bomb in the third, Weeks puts the game away with a 3 run bomb in the 5th as Blazers in going away 8-0. 

WP Tanaka (13-7)

LP Corbin (1-5)


Game 3:  Warren @ Nola

I wish I traded for a serviceable arm, as every time Warren starts, it is a gift to the other team.

Bottom 2, an Owings bases loaded triple highlights a 4 run inning.

Bottom 5, Cano and Duvall HR to make it 7-1 and send Warren to the showers.

Top 9, Blazers rally a little and get the tying run to the on deck circle.  Boullys win 7-3.

WP Nola (10-2)

LP Warren (0-2)

S Vincent (2)


Game 4:  Moore @ Ace Ventura

Owings with another RBI triple and score on an E made it 2-0.

AN E by Carp scores a third run and a Holt double plates a 4th as the Pet Detective silences the Blazers bats in a 4-0 win and split.\

WP Ventura (4-6)

LP Moore (13-3)


New Milford @ Flagstaff

Blazers travel to the high altitude to face the Outlaws.


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Muscrat

Kershaw was great, going 7 IP with 1 ER.  Unfortunately, John Muscrat, who has never pitched in the BDBL before, threw a gem.  Blazers get first and third with no outs in the 9th and then load the bases with one out, but can’t get a hit with RISP ( a theme for the first 2 games) as Outlaws escape 1-0. “what kind of scouting report do you have for a Muscrat,” Peburn said after the game.

WP Muscrat (1-0)

LP Kershaw (9-2)

S Baez (8)


Game 2:  Tanaka @ Leake

1-1 in the 4th, Bethancourt hits a 2 run bomb to untie it.  Blazers still can’t hit, and lose 3-1.

WP Miranda (4-3)

Tanaka (12-7)

S Watson (3)


Game 3:  Quintana @ Greinke

In a battle of New Milford’s former highly touted CY caliber arm and New Milford’s laughed at when drafted CY caliber arm, the current CY candidate didn’t disappoint (6 IP, 4 H, 8 K).  Greinke meanwhile, Saunders and Castro connect for 2 run bombs and Tulo hits a Grand Salami.  Grandy goes yard too as Blazers roll in a laugher 12-0.

WP Quintana (15-6)

LP Greinke (8-8)

S Morrow (1)


Game 4:  Moore @ Wacha Wacha

Moore is all over the place with walk after walk and gets pulled after 3.1 IP.

Top 5, Freeman rips a 2 run triple followed by an RBI single from Kinsler for a 3-1 lead.

Blazers break out late, highlighted by a HR from Betts, as Blazers split the series with a 7-2 win.

WP Bowman (3-1)

LP Wacha (3-9)


Blazers are 2-2 on the chapter.




Blazer’s Chapter 4 Recap

Blazers go 21-3 in Chapter 4 for their best chapter (win% wise) of all time.  The wins tie them with Los Altos for best record in the BDBL.

Hitter of the Chapter was the team, as the bats finally woke up.  Carp (1.080,) Tulo (.987) ,  Saunders (.987), Freeman (.974) and Betts (.926) all raked and the team went for a .853 OPS and 43 HR in 24 games.

Pitcher of the Chapter was also a team effort as Schugel (0.00 ERA), Blevins (1.04 ERA), Quintana (1.19 ERA), Kershaw (1.45 ERA), Devenski (1.64 ERA), Bowman (1.69 ERA), and Moore (1.78 ERA)  all pitched significant innings with ERA’s under 2.  Moore lead the team with 5 wins, as Kershaw, Quintana, Tanaka and Dull chipped in with 3 apiece.  The 2.16 team ERA lead the BDBL.


The Blazers made 3 transactions, dropping relievers Josh Osich, Robbie Scott and Chad Bell and picking up CF Mickie Mahtook, C Hector Sanchez and SS Gavin Cecchinni.

South Loop and New Milford

Blazers and Furies play a home and home series.


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Anderson

Top 2, Tulo goes yard for a 1-0 Blazer lead.

Top 6, Blazers score 2 on Grandy and Kershaw RBI singles.

Bottom 7, Joseph HR”s off of Dull to make it 3-1 Blazers.

Bottom 9, Kimbrel on and Wolters starts off with a double and Cain singles him home.  Cain then steals second.  Joseph K’s for the first out and Castellanos K’s but a WP allows him to reach and Cain takes third.  With the tying run 90 feet away Joyce PH’s  and Devenski comes on to relieve Kimbrel.  Joyce bunts and pops it up to a drawn in Carpenter, who whirls and hits Tulo who snuck in behind Cain for the game ending DP and Blazers win 3-2.

WP Kershaw (9-1)

LP Anderson (7-4)

S Devenski (2)


Game 2:  Tanaka @ Porcello

Porcello goes 7.1 with 14 K’s and 3 H.  Unfortunately Freeman and Betts solo HR’s were 2 of the hits.


Tanaka meanwhile didn’t  give up a run in 6 IP.  Neither did anyone else.  Blazers win 2-0.

WP Tanaka (12-6)

LP Porcello  (8-6)

S Kimbrel (36)


Game 3:  Maeda @ Quintana

Castro starts off the third with a solo shot and a 1-0 Blazer lead.

Bottom 6, a Kinsler double and Grandy single make it 3-0 Blazers.

Top 7, Joseph HR’s to make it 3-1.

Bottom 8, Blazers score 5 highlighted by a Freeman bases clearing double.

Blazers win 8-1.

WP Quintana (14-6)

LP Maeda (3-7)


Game 4:  Nelson @ Moore

Top 2 an E by Castro on a throw to second and a sac fly give SL a 2-0 lead,

Bottom 2, tied up on a Tulo 2 run bomb.

Bottom 4, Tulo and Castro HR for a 4-2 lead.

Bottom 6, Tulo with a sac fly for a 5-2 lead.

Top 9, Joseph HR’s off of Kimbrel to make it 5-3, but Gillespie K’s to end it as Blazers sweep 5-3.

WP Moore (13-2)

LP Nelson (3-6)

S Kimbrel (37)


Blazers try to catch Los Altos, with no help from the rest of the league, by going 21-3 in chapter 4.

Myrtle Beach @ New Milford

Hitmen travel to New Milford to face the Blazers.


Game 1:  Pelfrey @ Kershaw

A mismatch on paper, but someone forgot to tell the Blazer hitters.

A Starlin 4th inning double and Span 5th inning single give the Myrtle a 2-0 lead,

Bottom 6, a Dietrich PH double pulls NM within a run, 2-1.

Bottom 7, a Freeman single ties it, and Saunders unties it with a 3 run bomb.

An 8th inning Kinsler single, Saunders double and Grandy single round out the scoring in a Blazer 8-2 win.,

WP Dull (4-2)

LP Romo (2-2)

S Schugel (2)


Game 2:  Santiago @ Warren

A Santiago IF single to the pitcher plates a run for a Hitmen 1-0 second inning lead.

Blazers tie on a McCann solo shot.

Bottom 7, Saunders goes yard for a 2-1 Blazer lead.\

Top 8, Hitmen strike back for 2 on Brown sac fly and Span single.  3-2 Hitmen.

Bottom 8, Blazers retake the lead on a Freeman double and Kinsler single.

Top 9, Kimbrel does his job.  Blazers win 4-3.

WP Devenski (10-3)

LP Robles (1-3)

S Kimbrel (34)


Game 3:  Miley @ Quintana

Hitmen score a run on a first inning WP.

Bottom 6, a Kinsler single and Bourn single give NM a 2-1 lead.

Bottom 7, McCann with a HR for a 3-1 lead.

Bottom 8, a Saunders single and it’s 4-1 NM.

Top 9, Kimbrel does his job again, as Blazers win 4-1.

WP Quintana (13-6)

LP Miley (2-9)

S Kimbrel (35)


Game 4:  Cashner @ Moore

A First inning Betts RBI groundout is matched by a second inning Brown RBI single.

Blazers go up 2-1 in the bottom half on Tulo bomb.

Hitmen tie it up in the third on a Alonso HR.

Bottom half, Betts puts NM ahead on a GIDP.

Bottom 4, a Grandy sac fly, Castro single and Betts single make it 6-2.

A Grandy double and Tulo groundout round out the scoring in a Blazer 8-2 win.

WP Moore (12-2)

LP cashner (2-4)


Blazers move to 17-3 on the chapter.

Los Altos and New Milford


Blazers and Undertakers play a home and home series.,


Game 1:  Sale @ Kershaw


Bottom 1, a Betts RBI double and Saunders RBI single put New Milford up 2-0.

Los Altos gets one back in the second on a HR by Flores.  I’ve stopped counting how many HR’s Kershaw has given up.  It’s WAY over what he did in RL last year.  Fucking stupid.

Bottom 3, a Kinsler RBI single made it 3-1 Blazers.

Top 4, a Leon single pulls Los Altos within one at 3-2.

Top 8, Dull on and Schrimpf PH’s a HR to tie the game and ruin a win for Kershaw.


Free Baseball:



Bottom 13 and Lorenzen on the bump, Grandy deposits a 2-2 pitch into the upper deck in right to give NM a 4-3 win.

WP Schugel (2-1)

LP Lorenzen (1-1)



Game 2:  Archer @ Tanaka

First batter of the game Schimpf reaches on a E3 and Seager goes yard for a 2-0 lead.

Bottom 1, Carp, Betts, and Freeman go back to back to back to put NM up 3-2.

Top 2, Peterson goes yard with one aboard for a 4-3 Undertakers lead.

Bottom 3, Betts drives in Carp, who tripled, to tie the game at 4.

Bottom 5, Freeman goes yard again for a 5-4 Blazer lead.

Top 6, Arenado doubled in Turner to tie the game at 5.

Bottom 6, Betances on and Tulo greets him with the 5th Blazer HR of the game.  6-5 NM.

Top 8, Dull and Cervenka load the bases and Flores ties the game with an RBI walk.

Top 9, Kimbrel on and walks Schrimpffff to start it off.  With  2 outs, Turner doubles in Schimpf for the Takers 7-6 lead.

Bottom 9, with the tying run at third (Carpenter, who hit for the cycle) Jansen K’s Freeman and Kinsler to end it to steal a road game.

WP Reed (41)

LP Kimbrel (1-1)

S Jansen 32


Game 3:  Quintana @ Sanchez

Cruz and Carp trade solo HR’s early for a 1-1 game

Top 6, Blazers strike for 6 on a Kinsler 2 RBI double and Grandy Grandy Slam (TM)

Blazers win 7-1

WP Quintana (12-6)

Sanchez (9-6)



Game 4:  Devenski @ Roark

Making his first start of the season, and after being needed for 2 innings out of the pen in game 1, Devenski guts out a heroic performance with 4.2 IP and 2 ER with 7 K. (a Vogt 2 RBI double)

Meanwhile, a Carp 2 run bomb ties the game in the third, and a Grandy GIDP untied it in the 4th.

Kinsler put the Blazers up 5-2 with a 2 RBI single in the 5th and Kimbrel put 2 on in the 9th with a walk and HBP, but the tying run at the plate Seager flew out to left to give New Milford the 5-2 win and series win.

WP Blevins (1-0)

LP Roark (17-5)

S Kimbrel (33)


Blazers are 13-3 on the chapter


Kansas City @ New Milford

Blazers host a home series against the Boulevards.


Game 1:  Corbin @ Kershaw


Kershaw goes 6.1 with 4 H, 5 K, and 0 ER as Carpenter hits 2 HR and Tulo,  Saunders and Kinsler hit one each as Blazers roll 9-0.

WP Kershaw (8-1)

LP Corbin (0-4)



Game 2:  Nola @ Warren

Warren, making his second start of the season is just as dreadful as he was in his first start, 3 IP, 5 H, 4 BB, 4 ER.  Grandy and Castro HR for the good guys, but can’t overcome Duvall’s 2 HR, 5 RBI performance as KC wins 10-5.

WP Nola (9-2)

LP Warren (0-1)


Game 3:  Ventura @ Quintana

Quintana allows one hit through 6 IP with nary a run but is matched by Ventura who danced in and out of trouble allowing 8 baserunners in 6 IP.

Bullpens do the job through 9 and we have FREE BASEBALL.

Bottom 10, with one out, Freeman is hit by a Rivero pitch and Kinsler walks.  Saunders hits a ball to right that Duvall nonchalantly misplays off his glove and Freeman scampers home with the winning walk off error.  Blazers win 1-0. 

WP Dull (5-2)

LP Ziegler (1-2)  


Game 4:  Chacin @ Moore

Moore was wild and gave up 3 runs.  Blazers rally for 3 late.  Grandy makes a spectacular diving bellyflop 360 catch to save the winning run in the top of the 9th and Kinsler hit a walk off HR to win it.  As I went to type something to Scot to the effect of “Holy Shit”, I hadn’t saved the game yet and I lost it.  So here is what officially happened.

Moore was brilliant with 7 IP, 0 ER

Chacin was equal with 6 IP, 0 ER.

Bottom 7, with 2 outs, Tulo walked and Garcia on to PH for the pitcher crushed his first HR of the year.

With a 2-0 lead in the 9th, Duvall hit a HR to pull the Bouley’s within one, but Kimbrel K’s Perez to end it in an Blazer 2-1 win

WP Moore (11-2)

LP Eflin (3-4)

S Kimbrel (32)


Blazers move to 10-2 on the chapter and 8 games up in the McGowan Division.  Blazers have a 21 game lead for a playoff spot.   I’d say it looks pretty good.

New Milford @ Bear Country


Blazers travel to Jamboree for four games.


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Tillman

A Dozier 6th inning single was the only blemish against Kershaw.

Meanwhile, Tulo hit 3 HR’s (4 RBI), Saunders hit 2 HR (8 RBI), Betts went yard and Freeman had 4 hits as Blazers cruise 17-2.

WP Kershaw (7-1)

LP Tillman (8-6)

S Bowman (1)


Game 2:  Tanaka @ Graveman

Tanaka gives up nothing as Kinsler and Grandy go yard.  Betts drives in 2 as well as Blazers cruise again 9-0.

WP Tanaka (11-6)

LP Graveman (4-6)


Game 3:  Quintana @ Gonzalez

A Quintana error and Simmons single set the stage for a Braun 3 run jack to give the Bear a first inning lead.

Top 4, a McCann single cuts the Jam lead to 3-1.

Top 9, Bourn singles off of Chapman, but is cut down trying to steal second.  Saunders walks, but McCann and Carp K to end it in the Jamboree 3-1 win.

WP Gio (5-6)

LP Quintana (11-6)

S Chapman (17)


Game 4:  Moore @ Santana

Braun does more first inning damage with an RBI single and a 1-0 BCJ lead.,

Bottom 3, Simmons with a RBI single and it’s 2-0 Bear.

Top 5, Kinsler with a sac fly cuts the lead in half.

Top 6, McCann RBI single ties it and Carp with a 3 run bomb unties it.  Betts goes back to back with him for good measure and a 6-2 Blazer lead.

Yeah, nothing else of note happened.

WP Moore (10-2)

LP Santana (5-10)


Blazers are 7-1 on the chapter and 65-23 on the year.


New Milford @ Ravenswood


Blazers travel to take on first place Infidels.


Game 1:  Kershaw @ Verlander

Valencia unrealistically gets Ravenswood on the board with a solo HR in the first, the 10th given up by Kershaw in 70 IP (8 in 150 IP in RL)

Top 3, Freeman hit a sac fly to tie it but leaves the game with an injury.

Blazers go up 2-1 in the 6th on a Saunders sac fly.

Bottom 7, an RBI groundout ties the game at 2.

Top 9, 2 on with Thornberg on the bumb and Weeks PH’s for the pitcher and kills it to left.  Blazers up 5-2.

Kimbrel K, BB, GIDP ends it in an Blazer 5-2 win.

WP Devenski (10-3)

LP Bedrosian (1-5)

S Kimbrel (29)


Game 2:  Tanaka @ Lackey

A Betts first inning solo shot and a Tanaka second inning RBI double is bested by a Miller 3 run bomb in the second,

Blazers go up 4-2 on a Saunders RBI single and E by Kang (he was drunk)

A 4th inning Carp HR made it 5-3.

Kimbrel K’s All Star Valencia to end it

WP Tanaka (10-6)

LP Lackey (9-5)

S Kimbrel (30)



Game 3:  Quintana @ Oddorizzi

Blazer up 4-0 in the 7th and Ravenswood scratches out a run on a Carpenter E.

A tired Kimbrel give up an RBI single to Wright and walks 1 more,  and Dull comes on and allows both runners to score on a Fowler double.




But not for long, as Game one Goat Thornburg gives up a Carp RBI single, Betts RBI single and Freeman RBI double.

Newly acquired AJ Schugel gets the final out in a 7-5 win

WP Dull (4-2)

LP Thornburg (6-5)

S Schugel (2)


At this point, Skiz was shown on the jumbotron throwing shit and leaving the stadium, possibly in a move to fire up the home team.


Game 4:  Moore @ Rodriguez.

The first 6 innings were simmed and all that happened was a 6th inning Seimen RBI groundout for a 1-0 Ravenswood lead.

Top 7, Tulo gives NM the lead with a 2 RBI single.

Bottom 9, Devenski leaves the game with an injury, but Kimbrel comes on and gets Descalso for the 2-1 win.

WP Moore (9-2)

LP Rodriguez (6-6)

S Kimbrel (31)

Blazers are 62-22 on the season, 6 games up on Salem in the McGowan.